Wyoming Track: Girl's 4A State Preview

Kelly Walsh, the leader in the 4A girl's State Team Preview

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Boys Regionals Top Performance

Girls Regionals Top Performance

Regionals Tasty Race

Boys 4A Team Preview

Girls 4A Team Preview

Team Scores

1Kelly Walsh High School119
2Natrona County High School97
3Cheyenne Central High School83.5
4Campbell County High School59.5
5Thunder Basin High School56.5
6Sheridan High School55.5
7Cody High School38.5
8Jackson Hole High School37
9Star Valley High School33.5
10Laramie High School33
11Evanston High School30.5
12Cheyenne East High School26.5
13Green River High School17
14Rock Springs High School15

100 Meter Dash

1Sydalee Brown2022Campbell County High School12.50 10
2Sara Mcken2022Star Valley High School12.66 8
3Taliah Morris2024Cheyenne East High School12.82 6
4Elayna Chafee2022Kelly Walsh High School12.94 5
5Nyomi Moore2022Campbell County High School13.13 4
6Rachel Evenson2022Kelly Walsh High School13.15 3
7Jayden Friedly2022Thunder Basin High School13.21 2
8Allie Broussard2025Cody High School13.29 1
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200 Meter Dash

1Sydalee Brown2022Campbell County High School26.01 10
2Sara Mcken2022Star Valley High School26.19 8
3Elayna Chafee2022Kelly Walsh High School26.44 6
4Ella Spear2023Natrona County High School26.50 5
5Valerie Jirak2024Star Valley High School27.06 4
6Rachel Evenson2022Kelly Walsh High School27.08 3
7Madeline Thorne2024Kelly Walsh High School27.22 2
8Dulce Olivas2023Rock Springs High School27.67 1
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400 Meter Dash

1Addison Forry2024Laramie High School58.41 10
2Ada Nelson2024Cody High School59.22 8
3Sydney Morrell2023Cheyenne Central High School59.45 6
4Ella Spear2023Natrona County High School59.55 5
5Karson Tempel2025Cheyenne Central High School1:00.91 4
6Cami Costello2025Natrona County High School1:01.91 3
7Bradie Schlabs2024Cheyenne East High School1:02.28 2
8Ryann McLimore2023Natrona County High School1:02.33 1
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800 Meter Run

1Kate Brigham2022Jackson Hole High School2:17.09 10
2Sydney Morrell2023Cheyenne Central High School2:18.54 8
3Addison Forry2024Laramie High School2:19.87 6
4Ada Nelson2024Cody High School2:21.56 5
5Rylee Brandon2022Thunder Basin High School2:23.13 4
6Finley Klinger2022Kelly Walsh High School2:23.39 3
7Maggie Turpin2025Sheridan High School2:23.93 2
8Jacie Chatham2022Jackson Hole High School2:25.15 1
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1600 Meter Run

1Sydney Morrell2023Cheyenne Central High School5:18.23 10
2Kaya Pillivant2022Cheyenne Central High School5:20.41 8
3Delilah Baedke2022Natrona County High School5:27.39 6
4Ashley Gross2022Natrona County High School5:27.96 5
5Finley Klinger2022Kelly Walsh High School5:29.86 4
6Taylen Stinson2023Cody High School5:30.00 3
7Ally Wheeler2025Natrona County High School5:32.92 2
8Alyssa Fehlauer2025Sheridan High School5:33.74 1
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3200 Meter Run

1Delilah Baedke2022Natrona County High School12:08.12 10
2Ally Wheeler2025Natrona County High School12:13.20 8
3Finley Klinger2022Kelly Walsh High School12:14.86 6
4Emma Hofmeister2024Cheyenne Central High School12:21.97 5
5Lauren Clarke2023Cheyenne Central High School12:32.47 4
6Nichole Clark2025Natrona County High School12:37.03 3
7Abby Murphy2025Jackson Hole High School12:37.52 2
8Ilysa Soule2022Laramie High School12:39.31 1
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100 Meter Hurdles

1Gabby Mendoza2022Thunder Basin High School15.43 10
2Stacia Barker2022Evanston High School15.62 8
3Madisyn Baillie2023Cheyenne Central High School15.71 6
4Ava Morgan2023Star Valley High School15.99 4.5
4Jordan Kroeger2025Kelly Walsh High School15.99 4.5
6Charlotte Marasco2022Campbell County High School16.17 3
7Nadia Burdett2025Cheyenne East High School16.47 2
8Mia Barker2022Evanston High School16.56 1
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300 Meter Hurdles

1Jayden Friedly2022Thunder Basin High School46.34 10
2Lillian Munoz2022Green River High School47.65 8
3Gabby Mendoza2022Thunder Basin High School47.73 6
4Rylie Alberts2023Kelly Walsh High School47.85 5
5Madisyn Baillie2023Cheyenne Central High School48.07 4
6Jordan Kroeger2025Kelly Walsh High School48.09 3
7Mia Barker2022Evanston High School48.15 2
8Averie Perriton2023Cheyenne Central High School49.64 1
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4x100 Meter Relay

1Campbell County High School49.31 10
2Kelly Walsh High School49.62 8
3Thunder Basin High School49.73 6
4Star Valley High School50.30 5
5Cheyenne East High School50.56 4
6Cheyenne Central High School50.68 3
7Rock Springs High School51.62 2
8Sheridan High School52.04 1
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Sprint Medley Relay

1Jackson Hole High School4:20.82 10
2Cody High School4:27.19 8
3Laramie High School4:29.11 6
4Rock Springs High School4:31.90 5
5Evanston High School4:31.97 4
6Natrona County High School4:35.31 3
7Cheyenne East High School4:35.45 2
8Star Valley High School4:35.47 1
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4x400 Meter Relay

1Thunder Basin High School4:07.35 10
2Natrona County High School4:08.08 8
3Laramie High School4:10.10 6
4Cheyenne East High School4:10.14 5
5Evanston High School4:10.29 4
6Star Valley High School4:10.64 3
7Kelly Walsh High School4:12.52 2
8Cody High School4:12.90 1
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4x800 Meter Relay

1Cody High School9:51.18 10
2Thunder Basin High School10:02.05 8
3Natrona County High School10:05.96 6
4Cheyenne East High School10:06.44 5
5Sheridan High School10:07.28 4
6Cheyenne Central High School10:08.70 3
7Jackson Hole High School10:14.76 2
8Laramie High School10:15.59 1
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Long Jump

1Madison Bullard2024Kelly Walsh High School18-7 10
2Nyomi Moore2022Campbell County High School18-0 8
3Brynn Bider2025Rock Springs High School17-10 6
4Mackenzie Bradach2023Natrona County High School17-6.5 5
5Elayna Chafee2022Kelly Walsh High School17-5.25 4
6Emily Gardner2023Laramie High School16-9.25 3
7Karson Tempel2025Cheyenne Central High School16-6.5 2
8Tamryn Blom2022Natrona County High School16-6.25 1
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High Jump

1Kaelea Gibson2022Green River High School5-4 9
1Preslee Moser2022Sheridan High School5-4 9
3Dulce Carroll2022Sheridan High School5-2 5.5
3Stacia Barker2022Evanston High School5-2 5.5
5Micah Pfeiffer2025Jackson Hole High School5-0 3.5
5Rachel Noyce2022Jackson Hole High School5-0 3.5
7Averie Perriton2023Cheyenne Central High School4-10 0.5
7Chloe Bowden2023Kelly Walsh High School4-10 0.5
7Elysiana Fonseca2023Cheyenne East High School4-10 0.5
7Lake Harrison2022Cody High School4-10 0.5
7Madisyn Baillie2023Cheyenne Central High School4-10 0.5
7Vinae Buford-Stillman2024Thunder Basin High School4-10 0.5
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Triple Jump

1Elayna Chafee2022Kelly Walsh High School37-11.5 10
2Madison Bullard2024Kelly Walsh High School36-9.5 8
3Preslee Moser2022Sheridan High School36-4.75 6
4Mackenzie Bradach2023Natrona County High School36-2.25 5
5Karson Tempel2025Cheyenne Central High School35-11.5 4
6Nyomi Moore2022Campbell County High School35-8.75 3
7Erin Weibel2022Natrona County High School35-8.5 2
8Katie Thomson2022Cheyenne Central High School35-7.75 1
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Pole Vault

1Abigail Milby2023Kelly Walsh High School10-8 9
1Brinkley Lewis2023Cheyenne Central High School10-8 9
3Shelyse Ellingford2022Evanston High School10-6 6
4Breanna Younkin2022Campbell County High School10-2 4.5
4Kaylee Bell2022Cheyenne Central High School10-2 4.5
6Erin Weibel2022Natrona County High School10-0 3
7Ava Andrews2024Rock Springs High School9-6 1
7Emileigh Dalton2023Cody High School9-6 1
7Hailey Holeman2024Cody High School9-6 1
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1Alesha Lane2022Natrona County High School135-9 10
2Makena Clemens2022Kelly Walsh High School126-2 8
3McKenna Hayes2022Campbell County High School122-6 6
4Audrey Fouras2022Jackson Hole High School120-1 5
5Gennah Deutscher2022Sheridan High School113-10 4
6Hanah Sullivan2022Sheridan High School113-1 3
7Nora Butler2023Sheridan High School111-10 2
8Logann Alvar2022Kelly Walsh High School109-10 1
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Shot Put

1Josie Ankney2023Sheridan High School40-5.5 9
1Makena Clemens2022Kelly Walsh High School40-5.5 9
3Alesha Lane2022Natrona County High School40-3.5 6
4Nora Butler2023Sheridan High School40-2.5 5
5Hanah Sullivan2022Sheridan High School39-1 4
6Logann Alvar2022Kelly Walsh High School38-4 3
7Teagan Becker2024Kelly Walsh High School37-5.5 2
8McKenna Hayes2022Campbell County High School37-2 1
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