Wyoming Indoor: 3A Girls' Team Rankings

Ada Nelson on the way to the Campbell County Invitation 400-meter win.

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Week 2 Girls Tasty Race

Individual race results below

Team Scores

1Cody High School123.49
2Rawlins High School73.5
3Buffalo High School62
4Worland High School57.5
5Star Valley High School53
6Powell High School48
7Evanston High School47
8Torrington High School42.5
9Douglas High School29.5
10Mountain View High School26
11Riverton High School19
12Lander Valley High School17
13Lovell High School14
14Big Horn High School11
15Green River High School5.5
16Burns/Pine Bluffs5

55 Meter Dash

1Desirae Iacovetto2025Douglas High School7.55 10
2Eva Nitschke2023Rawlins High School7.56 8
3Vaidyn Vanderploeg2023Lovell High School7.77 6
4Avery Bever2024Lander Valley High School7.79 5
5Alessandra Broussard2025Cody High School7.81 4
6Brooklyn Asmus2026Torrington High School7.83 3
7Kalistynn Crippen2023Worland High School7.86 2
8Trista Palmer2024Rawlins High School7.87 1
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60 Meter Dash

1Valerie Jirak2024Star Valley High School8.25 10
2Grace Collins2024Star Valley High School8.51 8
3Catherine Nichols2025Star Valley High School8.64 6
4Coaley Clifton2024Evanston High School8.81 5
5Brenna Fackrell2024Evanston High School9.22 4
6Lyra Hutchinson2026Evanston High School9.76 3
7Kyleigh Allyn2023Mountain View High School9.85 2
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200 Meter Dash

1Valerie Jirak2024Star Valley High School27.05 10
2Eva Nitschke2023Rawlins High School28.15 8
3Maddy Lloyd2024Worland High School28.51 6
4Vaidyn Vanderploeg2023Lovell High School28.66 5
5Ada Nelson2024Cody High School28.91 3.5
5Trista Palmer2024Rawlins High School28.91 3.5
7Avery Crane2024Lander Valley High School29.06 2
8Erika Manahan2024Worland High School29.40 1
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400 Meter Dash

1Ada Nelson2024Cody High School1:01.87 10
2Eva Nitschke2023Rawlins High School1:02.08 8
3Jaylee Antonino2024Mountain View High School1:02.84 6
4Talia Conrad2024Evanston High School1:03.55 5
5Anna Bartholomew2023Powell High School1:04.99 4
6Briley Farris2024Buffalo High School1:05.24 3
7Keira Jackson2024Cody High School1:05.93 2
8Kammi Merritt2024Star Valley High School1:05.97 1
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800 Meter Run

1Ryann Smith2023Rawlins High School2:23.66 10
2Brynn Hillman2024Powell High School2:45.65 8
3Tiffany Krueger2025Torrington High School2:46.89 6
4Kylie Silva2026Cody High School2:47.86 5
5Aubrey Horrocks2023Evanston High School2:49.35 4
6Amberly Froerer2023Torrington High School2:49.56 3
7Nyssa Leyva2024Worland High School2:50.46 2
8Myah Rakness2026Powell High School2:51.78 1
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1600 Meter Run

1Ryann Smith2023Rawlins High School5:16.25 10
2Taylen Stinson2023Cody High School5:28.70 8
3Mersades Jackson2026Cody High School5:55.45 6
4Brynn Hillman2024Powell High School5:57.89 5
5Zena Tapia2025Worland High School6:00.32 4
6Blue Blackburn2026Lander Valley High School6:06.39 3
7Kylie Silva2026Cody High School6:15.76 2
8Alandra French2025Lander Valley High School6:22.36 1
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3200 Meter Run

1Zena Tapia2025Worland High School12:29.75 10
2Harris Tanner2023Rawlins High School13:34.69 8
3Nyssa Leyva2024Worland High School13:49.85 6
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55 Meter Hurdles

1Eva Nitschke2023Rawlins High School8.49 10
2Carly Norman2024Buffalo High School8.81 8
3Ava Meier2023Cody High School9.49 6
4Alaina Gross2023Buffalo High School9.69 5
5Peyton McLaughlin2023Big Horn High School9.81 4
6Olivia Maertens2024Buffalo High School9.82 3
7Cali Holeman2026Cody High School10.01 2
8Jada Kaufman2025Torrington High School10.06 0.5
8Riley Cook2026Douglas High School10.06 0.5
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60 Meter Hurdles

1Jaylee Antonino2024Mountain View High School10.19 10
2Kiara Worthing2026Evanston High School10.81 8
3Coaley Clifton2024Evanston High School11.36 6
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4x200 Meter Relay

1Cody High School1:55.60 10
2Worland High School1:56.04 8
3Lander Valley High School1:57.37 6
4Buffalo High School2:00.68 5
5Riverton High School2:01.05 4
6Douglas High School2:01.36 3
7Powell High School2:08.80 2
8Big Horn High School2:09.23 1
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4x400 Meter Relay

1Worland High School4:40.98 10
2Buffalo High School4:44.73 8
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Sprint Medley Relay

1Powell High School4:42.85 10
2Cody High School4:45.50 8
3Buffalo High School5:16.34 6
4Douglas High School5:20.06 5
5Riverton High School6:26.37 4
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4x800 Meter Relay

1Cody High School10:07.63 10
2Powell High School11:09.87 8
3Rawlins High School11:24.12 6
4Riverton High School11:30.22 5
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Long Jump

1Alessandra Broussard2025Cody High School15-8.75 10
2Kiara Worthing2026Evanston High School15-6.5 8
3Erika Manahan2024Worland High School14-7.5 5.5
3Rylee Rosas2025Green River High School14-7.5 5.5
5Brenna Fackrell2024Evanston High School14-5.25 4
6Serenity Burkett2024Burns/Pine Bluffs14-4.5 3
7Faythe Medina2024Douglas High School14-1.75 2
8Julie Le Nezet2023Torrington High School14-1.5 1
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Triple Jump

1Sophie Berglund2024Buffalo High School32-7.75 10
2Trishell Pontarolo2026Torrington High School32-5.5 8
3Kate Mohrmann2023Big Horn High School32-3.25 6
4Sydney Spomer2023Powell High School31-11 5
5Tylar Stoddard2024Torrington High School31-10 4
6Angie Logsdon2025Torrington High School30-8 3
7Isabel Taylor2024Cody High School30-6.5 2
8Josie Little2025Rawlins High School30-5 1
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High Jump

1Valerie Jirak2024Star Valley High School5-2.25 10
2Jaylee Antonino2024Mountain View High School5-0.25 8
3Desirae Iacovetto2025Douglas High School5-0 6
4Kenzie Ratcliff2024Cody High School4-10 5
5Grace Collins2024Star Valley High School4-8.25 4
6Alessandra Broussard2025Cody High School4-8 1.5
6Allison Gee2026Cody High School4-8 1.5
6Cherise Douzenis2026Worland High School4-8 1.5
6Kalistynn Crippen2023Worland High School4-8 1.5
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Pole Vault

1Olivia Maertens2024Buffalo High School9-6 10
2Emileigh Dalton2023Cody High School9-0 6.333
2Isabelle Paddock2026Cody High School9-0 6.333
2Kelsey Pomajzl2024Cody High School9-0 6.333
5Sophie Berglund2024Buffalo High School8-6 4
6Angie Logsdon2025Torrington High School8-0 3
7Mylie Benson2023Douglas High School7-6 1.5
7Paige Fredricks2024Douglas High School7-6 1.5
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Shot Put

1Harper Boche2024Torrington High School37-0 10
2Laura Phillips2023Cody High School33-4.75 8
3Ava Crowley2023Riverton High School32-7.75 6
4Katie O'Brien2024Powell High School31-7.75 5
5Abigail Carrillo-Zarate2026Star Valley High School30-10.5 4
6Carissa Lindsay2024Lovell High School30-4 3
7Brooke Hansen2024Burns/Pine Bluffs30-3 2
8Kodie Andersen2026Torrington High School29-5.75 1
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