Wyoming Indoor: Week 2 Girls Tasty Race

Girls 55m Final at the Campbell County Invitational

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I know, I get it, the Girls 55 was the tasty race last week, but this weeks 55 was better still.

Overall there were 23 girls under 8 seconds and it took 7.73 to make the final.

As you can see from the graphic below Taliah Morris edged out last week's Wyoming #1 Addie Pendergast 7.24 to 7.26.

Also, as you can see in the video Taliah just edged Addie out with the lean. Taliah's 7.24 moves her to the #2 spot in the 55-meter rankings. Sage Gustafson's 7.46 moves her into the number 3 spot, while the rest of the field fills out the Wyoming 55 rankings spots 5 through 9.

And another thing, Talia and Addie are tied at 7.22 for 4th on the Wyoming 55 meters All-Time list.

Just plain fast ya'll