Wyoming Track: Boys 3A West Regional Team Preview

Powell and Mountian View to close to call

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Team Scores

1Powell High School143.5
2Mountain View High School142.5
3Lander Valley High School109.5
4Worland High School100
5Lovell High School99
6Lyman High School42.5
7Kemmerer High School36.5
8Pinedale High School20.5

100 Meter Dash

1Shawn Cozzens2022Lander Valley High School11.16 10
2Tanner Case2022Mountain View High School11.43 8
3Alex Bradshaw2022Lyman High School11.56 6
4Ben Nichols2023Lovell High School11.58 5
5James Kervitsky2022Pinedale High School11.60 4
6Brock Douzenis2023Worland High School11.70 3
7Taylor Pierce2022Worland High School11.72 2
8Amos Monterde2022Lovell High School11.73 1
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200 Meter Dash

1Shawn Cozzens2022Lander Valley High School22.87 10
2Aaron Carver2022Worland High School23.48 8
3Tayden Bell2023Mountain View High School23.52 6
4Carson Eardley2024Mountain View High School23.64 4.5
4James Kervitsky2022Pinedale High School23.64 4.5
6Matisse Weaver2023Lander Valley High School23.67 3
7Brock Douzenis2023Worland High School23.86 2
8Nathan Harper2023Worland High School23.87 0.5
8Reed McFadden2024Lander Valley High School23.87 0.5
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400 Meter Dash

1Ben Nichols2023Lovell High School50.36 10
2Tayden Bell2023Mountain View High School51.25 8
3Carson Eardley2024Mountain View High School51.40 6
4Matisse Weaver2023Lander Valley High School51.99 5
5Daniel Merritt2023Powell High School52.67 4
6Reed McFadden2024Lander Valley High School53.53 3
7Jack Bishop2023Worland High School53.63 2
8Alex Bradshaw2022Lyman High School53.64 1
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800 Meter Run

1Blaine Goklish2022Lander Valley High School2:00.81 10
2Tanner Erickson2022Mountain View High School2:01.61 8
3Daniel Merritt2023Powell High School2:01.73 6
4Tayden Bell2023Mountain View High School2:01.75 5
5Brigham Fanos2023Lyman High School2:06.05 4
6Preston Nichols2023Lovell High School2:07.01 3
7Harley Redding2023Worland High School2:08.18 2
8Cash Henrie2024Mountain View High School2:08.82 1
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1600 Meter Run

1Tanner Erickson2022Mountain View High School4:28.17 10
2Owen Burnett2023Kemmerer High School4:32.42 8
3Blaine Goklish2022Lander Valley High School4:34.47 6
4Daniel Merritt2023Powell High School4:42.15 5
5Cash Henrie2024Mountain View High School4:47.20 4
6Trajn Swalstad2025Worland High School4:51.09 3
7Jack Bishop2023Worland High School4:52.45 2
8Colt Henrie2024Mountain View High School4:52.68 1
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3200 Meter Run

1Owen Burnett2023Kemmerer High School9:48.55 10
2Tanner Erickson2022Mountain View High School9:56.06 8
3Cash Henrie2024Mountain View High School10:25.32 6
4Dash Madsen2025Mountain View High School10:25.50 5
5Daniel Merritt2023Powell High School10:25.81 4
6Trajn Swalstad2025Worland High School10:25.85 3
7Colt Henrie2024Mountain View High School10:43.47 2
8Diego Lobatos2024Lander Valley High School10:45.49 1
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110 Meter Hurdles

1Gage Gose2023Lander Valley High School14.88 10
2Aaron Carver2022Worland High School15.43 8
3Hyrum Jeide2023Powell High School16.45 6
4Reed McFadden2024Lander Valley High School16.54 5
5Simon Shoopman2023Powell High School16.86 4
6Stuart Shoopman2024Powell High School16.90 3
7Dawson Utterback2024Worland High School16.93 2
8Eli Weimer2022Powell High School17.24 1
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300 Meter Hurdles

1Gage Gose2023Lander Valley High School38.69 10
2Carson Eardley2024Mountain View High School40.76 8
3Aaron Carver2022Worland High School40.82 6
4Matisse Weaver2023Lander Valley High School41.19 5
5Hyrum Jeide2023Powell High School42.61 4
6Casen Hiser2022Lovell High School43.84 3
7Bodey Fraughton2024Mountain View High School43.85 2
8Reed McFadden2024Lander Valley High School43.95 1
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4x100 Meter Relay

1Worland High School45.15 10
2Lovell High School45.18 8
3Lander Valley High School45.32 6
4Mountain View High School46.02 5
5Powell High School46.24 4
6Pinedale High School46.66 3
7Kemmerer High School48.16 2
8Lyman High School52.14 1
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Sprint Medley Relay

1Lovell High School3:46.30 10
2Lander Valley High School3:48.40 8
3Worland High School3:50.49 6
4Lyman High School3:54.59 5
5Powell High School3:54.69 4
6Kemmerer High School3:55.87 3
7Pinedale High School4:12.61 2
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4x400 Meter Relay

1Lander Valley High School3:37.05 10
2Worland High School3:37.82 8
3Kemmerer High School3:39.51 6
4Mountain View High School3:39.84 5
5Powell High School3:40.55 4
6Lovell High School3:51.04 3
7Pinedale High School3:52.34 2
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4x800 Meter Relay

1Mountain View High School8:25.19 10
2Worland High School8:38.60 8
3Powell High School8:46.31 6
4Lander Valley High School8:51.03 5
5Lovell High School10:06.66 4
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Long Jump

1Zach Ratcliff2022Powell High School20-5.5 10
2Casen Hiser2022Lovell High School20-2.75 8
3Brock Douzenis2023Worland High School19-6 6
4Alex Bradshaw2022Lyman High School19-4.25 5
5Tommy Skidmore2022Kemmerer High School19-1 4
6Gavin Robertson2025Lovell High School18-8.75 3
7Brigham Fanos2023Lyman High School18-8 1.5
7Colter Hitz2023Lovell High School18-8 1.5
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Triple Jump

1Isaiah Woyack2024Powell High School39-10.25 10
2Blake Wilson2024Lovell High School39-8.75 8
3Adnan Khan2024Lovell High School39-4 6
4Nicolas Sletten2025Pinedale High School39-3.25 5
5Cody Siefert2025Powell High School39-3 3.5
5Gavin Robertson2025Lovell High School39-3 3.5
7Dylan Escalante2022Powell High School39-0 2
8Wyatt Jensen2023Mountain View High School38-11 1
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High Jump

1Isaiah Woyack2024Powell High School6-6 10
2Eli Weimer2022Powell High School6-4 7
2William Harper2022Worland High School6-4 7
4Jace Hyde2023Powell High School5-11 5
5Sam Gregory2024Lyman High School5-10 3.5
5Tommy Skidmore2022Kemmerer High School5-10 3.5
7Braydon Bradshaw2023Lyman High School5-8 1.5
7Jaiden Lloyd2022Worland High School5-8 1.5
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Pole Vault

1Connor Micheli2022Mountain View High School14-10 10
2Tanner Case2022Mountain View High School13-6 8
3Carter Bradshaw2024Lyman High School12-10 6
4Carson Eardley2024Mountain View High School12-6 5
5Adam Williams2024Powell High School12-0 3.5
5Jeremy Harms2024Powell High School12-0 3.5
7Braydon Bradshaw2023Lyman High School11-10 2
8Isaac Vasquez2022Lander Valley High School11-6 1
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1Quinn Lindsay2022Lovell High School183-3.25 10
2Sheldon Shoopman2022Powell High School147-2.5 8
3Toran Graham2022Powell High School143-7 6
4Christian Peterson2022Worland High School134-6 5
5Braydon Bradshaw2023Lyman High School131-7 4
6Dane Branson2023Mountain View High School131-5 3
7Sam Cornia2022Lovell High School130-5 2
8Rho Mecham2022Lyman High School128-1 1
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Shot Put

1Quinn Lindsay2022Lovell High School59-6.25 10
2Toran Graham2022Powell High School55-6.75 8
3Sheldon Shoopman2022Powell High School50-0 6
4Christian Peterson2022Worland High School49-6 5
5Lane Shramek2022Powell High School47-4.5 4
6Dane Branson2023Mountain View High School46-1 3
7Sam Belmont2022Powell High School44-7.5 2
8Rho Mecham2022Lyman High School43-3 1
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