Wyoming Track: Boys 4A West Regional Team Preview

It looks to be Natrona.

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Team Scores

1Natrona County High School180.5
2Evanston High School123
3Rock Springs High School103.5
4Cody High School92
5Star Valley High School59
6Jackson Hole High School49.5
7Riverton High School46.5
8Green River High School45

100 Meter Dash

1Luke Talich2023Cody High School10.91 10
2Gabe Hutchinson2024Evanston High School11.03 8
3Andrew Skorcz2022Rock Springs High School11.13 5.5
3Brett Gifford2024Natrona County High School11.13 5.5
5Tristan Watkins2022Riverton High School11.19 4
6Jack Joyce2025Jackson Hole High School11.20 2.5
6Mason Weickum2023Natrona County High School11.20 2.5
8A j Baustert2024Cody High School11.24 1
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200 Meter Dash

1Gabe Hutchinson2024Evanston High School22.20 10
2Luke Talich2023Cody High School22.54 8
3Tristan Watkins2022Riverton High School22.59 6
4Andrew Skorcz2022Rock Springs High School22.74 5
5Saben Carlsen2023Rock Springs High School22.85 4
6Jack Joyce2025Jackson Hole High School22.91 3
7Breckin McClintock2023Natrona County High School22.97 2
8Brett Gifford2024Natrona County High School23.06 1
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400 Meter Dash

1Andrew Skorcz2022Rock Springs High School49.92 9
1Gabe Hutchinson2024Evanston High School49.92 9
3Nathan Wilson2022Cody High School51.47 6
4Caleb Crowley2022Riverton High School52.09 5
5Saben Carlsen2023Rock Springs High School52.53 4
6Evan Lango2023Natrona County High School52.66 3
7Brandon Brazil2022Jackson Hole High School53.13 2
8Nomar Gonzalez2025Natrona County High School53.19 1
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800 Meter Run

1Jackson Dutcher2023Natrona County High School1:59.18 10
2John Hunting2022Star Valley High School2:00.38 8
3Joel Kornkven2022Natrona County High School2:02.52 6
4Mason Wheeler2022Jackson Hole High School2:02.67 5
5Brandon Brazil2022Jackson Hole High School2:03.18 4
6Roman Goralski2022Jackson Hole High School2:05.78 3
7Charles Fossey2022Rock Springs High School2:05.82 2
8Derek Parks2023Evanston High School2:06.48 1
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1600 Meter Run

1Mason Wheeler2022Jackson Hole High School4:30.16 10
2John Hunting2022Star Valley High School4:32.11 8
3Charles Fossey2022Rock Springs High School4:32.64 6
4Jackson Dutcher2023Natrona County High School4:32.72 5
5Habtamu Wetzel2025Star Valley High School4:35.83 4
6Joel Kornkven2022Natrona County High School4:38.60 3
7Tristan Enders2023Natrona County High School4:39.31 2
8Derek Parks2023Evanston High School4:40.42 1
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3200 Meter Run

1Mason Wheeler2022Jackson Hole High School9:39.01 10
2Kaden Chatfield2024Riverton High School10:02.20 8
3Tristan Enders2023Natrona County High School10:04.34 6
4Habtamu Wetzel2025Star Valley High School10:06.04 5
5John Hunting2022Star Valley High School10:06.11 4
6Jackson Dutcher2023Natrona County High School10:06.39 3
7Axel Klomparens2022Jackson Hole High School10:09.61 2
8Charles Fossey2022Rock Springs High School10:24.87 1
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110 Meter Hurdles

1Mason Weickum2023Natrona County High School14.82 10
2Jesus Quintero2022Evanston High School14.84 8
3Hayden Roberts2022Green River High School15.12 6
4Kai Barker2024Evanston High School15.73 5
5Cole Robinette2024Evanston High School15.76 4
6Bridger Anderson2024Natrona County High School15.99 3
7Christopher Wilson2024Green River High School16.22 2
8Kaiden Lee2024Natrona County High School16.37 1
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300 Meter Hurdles

1Jesus Quintero2022Evanston High School39.31 10
2Mason Weickum2023Natrona County High School40.29 8
3Graidin Arnold2023Cody High School41.00 6
4Kai Barker2024Evanston High School42.38 5
5William Cantrell2024Natrona County High School42.83 4
6Christopher Wilson2024Green River High School42.93 3
7Donald Grosch2023Riverton High School43.09 2
8Hayden Roberts2022Green River High School43.38 1
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4x100 Meter Relay

1Cody High School43.13 10
2Evanston High School43.90 8
3Natrona County High School43.93 6
4Riverton High School45.27 5
5Rock Springs High School45.57 4
6Star Valley High School45.99 3
7Green River High School46.39 2
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Sprint Medley Relay

1Rock Springs High School3:43.56 10
2Riverton High School3:46.92 8
3Star Valley High School3:47.24 6
4Natrona County High School3:50.06 5
5Evanston High School3:50.29 4
6Green River High School3:59.54 3
7Jackson Hole High School4:43.63 2
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4x400 Meter Relay

1Natrona County High School3:33.11 10
2Evanston High School3:34.05 8
3Rock Springs High School3:37.08 6
4Cody High School3:42.95 5
5Star Valley High School3:44.72 4
6Riverton High School3:45.07 3
7Green River High School4:06.03 2
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4x800 Meter Relay

1Natrona County High School8:24.37 10
2Cody High School8:39.45 8
3Evanston High School8:51.69 6
4Rock Springs High School8:55.40 5
5Star Valley High School9:01.25 4
6Green River High School9:16.38 3
7Riverton High School9:16.90 2
8Jackson Hole High School9:25.81 1
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High Jump

1Kai Barker2024Evanston High School6-7 10
2Robby Porter2023Cody High School6-6 8
3Kaiden Lee2024Natrona County High School6-5 6
4Jesus Quintero2022Evanston High School6-4 4.5
4Porter Chubb2022Rock Springs High School6-4 4.5
6Hayden Roberts2022Green River High School6-2 3
7Khale Clinger2024Star Valley High School6-0 2
8Chritopher Tomlinson2023Natrona County High School5-10 0.5
8Wilson Clevenger2025Star Valley High School5-10 0.5
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Long Jump

1Luke Talich2023Cody High School23-9 10
2Kaiden Lee2024Natrona County High School21-4 8
3Seth Wilson2024Natrona County High School21-2.5 6
4Bridger Anderson2024Natrona County High School21-2.25 5
5Christopher Wilson2024Green River High School20-8 4
6Braden Killpack2024Rock Springs High School20-5.25 3
7Kael Anderson2024Rock Springs High School20-0.75 2
8Jacob Ball2024Cody High School19-10.25 1
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Triple Jump

1Kaiden Lee2024Natrona County High School43-11.75 10
2Goodness Okere2024Rock Springs High School41-8.25 8
3Christopher Wilson2024Green River High School41-4 6
4Thomas May2024Jackson Hole High School41-1 5
5Isaiah Cox2023Natrona County High School41-0.75 4
6William Cantrell2024Natrona County High School40-6 3
7Khale Clinger2024Star Valley High School39-8.5 2
8Nick McIntosh2024Riverton High School38-9.5 1
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Pole Vault

1Dillon Brost2024Cody High School14-0 10
2Kavin Hoff2025Natrona County High School13-6.5 8
3Jesus Carillo-Zarate2022Star Valley High School12-6 5.5
3Maddix Holmes2024Rock Springs High School12-6 5.5
5Seth Wilson2024Natrona County High School12-3 4
6Cohen Morrow2024Evanston High School11-6 2.5
6Jon Hernandez2023Riverton High School11-6 2.5
8Ryan Luis2024Natrona County High School11-4 1
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Shot Put

1Payton Vernon2022Evanston High School56-3 10
2Hudson Santistevan2022Natrona County High School53-8 8
3Colton Carlsen2022Rock Springs High School49-9 6
4Cody Crawford2023Natrona County High School47-7 5
5Drew Trotter2022Cody High School47-0 4
6Dillon Payne2022Evanston High School46-9.75 3
7Cole Murray2022Green River High School46-7.5 2
8Lucas Chappell2022Star Valley High School46-3 1
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1Colton Carlsen2022Rock Springs High School154-7 10
2Cole Murray2022Green River High School148-11 8
3Payton Vernon2022Evanston High School145-5 6
4Hudson Santistevan2022Natrona County High School143-3 5
5Drew Trotter2022Cody High School137-11 4
6Jacob Eddy2022Rock Springs High School136-10 3
7Trevan Jenkins2024Star Valley High School133-0.5 2
8Keegan Hensley2023Cody High School131-4 1
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