Wyoming Cross Country: Boys Pre-Liberty Bell Team Rankings

Star Valleys #1  and 2022 4A State Champion Habtamu Wetzel

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The team rankings are about to be heavily influenced by Liberty Bell results, but here it is the Wyoming Cross Country Boys Pre-Liberty Bell Team Rankings

Race order below

Team Scores

1Star Valley High School1146+8+20+29+51 (55+60)1:51.1817:02.06
2Sheridan High School1147+21+23+26+37 (74+76)1:32.8317:09.40
3Cheyenne Central High School1203+4+5+10+98 (101+102)2:56.2016:36.88
4Worland High School1501+18+34+41+56 (69+92)2:26.4017:14.14
5Cody High School1692+9+46+54+58 (117+140)2:28.3817:15.28
6Kelly Walsh High School22513+32+42+63+75 (83+94)1:31.8717:46.70
7Cheyenne East High School23117+31+53+57+73 (86+96)1:21.0017:49.80
8Buffalo High School23312+22+43+67+89 (99+104)1:49.2217:47.18
9Thunder Basin High School27114+35+39+77+106 (109+112)2:07.5317:57.45
10Riverton High School27511+40+65+66+93 (160+171)1:56.6717:57.83
11Evanston High School27716+38+62+79+82 (91+100)1:32.1017:59.66
12Laramie High School28315+33+48+64+123 (163+186)2:25.4218:01.05
13Mountain View High School35425+49+70+103+107 (110+111)1:43.3318:20.10
14Natrona County High School37928+44+90+95+122 (126+141)1:51.1018:25.14
15Jackson Hole High School42947+61+71+108+142 (144+157)2:08.1018:43.23
16Burlington High School47619+72+80+143+162 (169+192)3:38.3518:58.94
17Lander Valley High School47927+84+119+120+129 (131+146)2:09.5018:51.16
18Campbell County High School54785+105+115+118+124 (187+188)48.3119:07.47
19Rock Springs High School55636+68+113+154+185 (193+198)3:57.4519:27.27
20Rawlins High School58959+87+130+149+164 (224+235)2:42.3019:33.15
21Powell High School62930+45+150+184+220 (225)6:08.2620:11.18
22Thermopolis High School64288+97+138+147+172 (239)2:42.5119:48.25
23Newcastle High School70152+145+161+166+177 (218+219)3:27.5320:17.16
24Lovell High School702114+127+135+153+173 (175+176)2:10.4220:05.52
25Torrington High School72424+78+148+232+242 (245)9:16.4921:25.19
26Lyman High School75450+133+174+195+202 (212+221)4:28.6420:45.38
27Douglas High School773121+151+152+158+191 (199+211)2:32.0920:32.52
28Wyoming Indian High School818136+139+179+181+183 (190+203)1:41.1820:52.30
29Wright High School848116+137+165+204+226 (243+248)4:39.6021:19.38
30Green River High School860128+156+178+197+201 (209+217)2:48.8921:16.61
31Glenrock High School867125+132+189+208+213 (214+236)3:54.5621:26.72
32Sundance High School876134+155+180+200+207 (216)2:57.7521:24.72
33Tongue River High School92981+168+223+227+230 (231+240)5:39.4322:19.10
34Pine Bluffs High School985159+170+206+222+228 (241+250)3:23.7822:29.75
35Saratoga High School1062167+196+215+237+2477:03.4423:53.72
36Wind River High School1083182+205+229+233+234 (238+251)2:55.4423:27.99
37Cheyenne South High School1143194+210+244+246+2497:57.0825:58.26
--Moorcroft High SchoolNTS------
--St. Stephens High SchoolNTS------
--Fort Washakie High SchoolNTS------
--Big Horn High SchoolNTS------
--Rocky Mountain High SchoolNTS------
--Wheatland High SchoolNTS------

5000 Meter Run

1Trajn Swalstad2025Worland High School15:40.40 1
2Charlie Hulbert2024Cody High School15:41.51 2
3Bridger Brokaw2024Cheyenne Central High School15:51.78 3
4Trevor Schmidt2024Cheyenne Central High School15:56.51 4
5Race Morrell2026Cheyenne Central High School16:00.83 5
6Habtamu Wetzel2025Star Valley High School16:07.41 6
7Landrum Wiley2024Sheridan High School16:07.93 7
8Jase Burton2025Star Valley High School16:24.16 8
9Benjamin Stewart2024Cody High School16:27.21 9
10Jonah Rigg2024Cheyenne Central High School16:27.32 10
11Kaden Chatfield2024Riverton High School16:47.33 11
12Ethan Rayo2026Buffalo High School16:52.45 12
13Alex Louria2024Kelly Walsh High School16:55.27 13
14Patrick Hardesty2025Thunder Basin High School16:56.10 14
15Dominic Eberle2024Laramie High School16:59.79 15
16Paul Baxter2025Evanston High School17:01.12 16
17Lucas Steveson2026Cheyenne East High School17:04.00 17
18Jacob Holiday2024Worland High School17:05.78 18
19Howard McNiven2025Burlington High School17:09.55 19
20Peter Lorch2024Star Valley High School17:11.45 20
21Jacob Alicke2025Sheridan High School17:13.29 21
22Zach Freise2025Buffalo High School17:16.86 22
23Aadan Luna2027Sheridan High School17:17.04 23
24Sully Wilson2026Torrington High School17:17.35 24
25Dash Madsen2025Mountain View High School17:22.37 25
26Ryder Charest2027Sheridan High School17:27.97 26
27Diego Lobatos2024Lander Valley High School17:28.10 27
28Kalel Brubaker2025Natrona County High School17:28.20 28
29Colton Cranney2026Star Valley High School17:28.70 29
30Liam Taylor2025Powell High School17:30.55 30
31Brayden Colbert2024Cheyenne East High School17:31.00 31
32Micah Colling2025Kelly Walsh High School17:31.10 32
33Gideon Moore2025Laramie High School17:31.40 33
34Ira Croft2024Worland High School17:31.62 34
35Connor Phipps2025Thunder Basin High School17:37.39 35
36Ethan Sholey2024Rock Springs High School17:38.57 36
37Shaun Gonda2026Sheridan High School17:40.76 37
38Bryan Baxter2027Evanston High School17:41.40 38
39Ethan Nichols2025Thunder Basin High School17:42.57 39
40Alexander Truax2024Riverton High School17:44.42 40
41Will Bishop2025Worland High School17:46.09 41
42Tage Longhurst2024Kelly Walsh High School17:46.70 42
43Ryan Rasmuson2025Buffalo High School17:47.14 43
44Jameson Munari2025Natrona County High School17:50.30 44
45Korbyn Warren2026Powell High School17:51.53 45
46Noah Kingston2027Cody High School17:51.75 46
47Ben Murphy2024Jackson Hole High School17:53.06 47
48Jack Voos2025Laramie High School17:53.30 48
49Cash Henrie2024Mountain View High School17:54.21 49
50Mason Staheli2026Lyman High School17:57.35 50
51Matt Heywood2025Star Valley High School17:58.59 51
52Sam Cunningham2026Newcastle High School17:59.37 52
53Aden Zwonitzer2026Cheyenne East High School18:01.00 53
54Val Payne2024Cody High School18:06.03 54
55Drake Plowman2024Star Valley High School18:06.65 55
56Scottie Thomas2025Worland High School18:06.80 56
57Logan Mansur2024Cheyenne East High School18:08.00 57
58Randall Nielson2025Cody High School18:09.89 58
59Logan Wells2026Rawlins High School18:11.70 59
60Beau Skinner2024Star Valley High School18:11.86 60
61Boomer Weisman2025Jackson Hole High School18:12.37 61
62Aidan Conrad2025Evanston High School18:12.57 62
63Luke Pearson2024Kelly Walsh High School18:13.27 63
64Flint Hartsky2027Laramie High School18:15.57 64
65Davian Spoonhunter2025Riverton High School18:16.50 65
66Marshall Walton2026Riverton High School18:16.88 66
67Jace Townsend2027Buffalo High School18:17.80 67
68Bryan Brooks2026Rock Springs High School18:18.73 68
69Kiyoshi Smith2025Worland High School18:19.10 69
70Colt Henrie2024Mountain View High School18:19.38 70
71Owen Schultheis2025Jackson Hole High School18:20.94 71
72Connor Hoyt2027Burlington High School18:23.35 72
73Gavin Odonnell2024Cheyenne East High School18:25.00 73
74Wyatt Veal2027Sheridan High School18:26.08 74
75Everett Roberson2026Kelly Walsh High School18:27.14 75
76Garrett Otto2025Sheridan High School18:27.56 76
77Spencer Erickson2025Thunder Basin High School18:27.57 77
78Zab Munoz2024Torrington High School18:29.05 78
79Jamar McDowell2024Evanston High School18:29.98 79
80Paul McNiven2026Burlington High School18:30.90 80
81Isaiah Cote2024Tongue River High School18:32.57 81
82Gideon Stahl2024Evanston High School18:33.22 82
83Grayson Moore2027Sheridan High School18:33.79 --
84Garrett Peterson2025Kelly Walsh High School18:33.83 83
85Reed McFadden2024Lander Valley High School18:36.35 84
86Tanner Garth2026Campbell County High School18:38.39 85
87Braden Bohlmann2027Cheyenne East High School18:39.00 86
88Noa Westfall2024Rawlins High School18:39.85 87
89Cole Keller2026Thermopolis High School18:40.03 88
90Giovanni Monterastell2025Buffalo High School18:41.67 89
91Jonathan Danford2024Natrona County High School18:42.80 90
92Breck Barton2027Evanston High School18:42.95 91
93Krew Neighbors2027Worland High School18:43.84 92
94Kyler Heil2026Riverton High School18:44.00 93
95Clayton Dickerson2025Kelly Walsh High School18:44.62 94
96Gavin Bright2025Natrona County High School18:45.10 95
97Evan McFadden2026Cheyenne East High School18:47.00 96
98Jadeth Elder2026Thermopolis High School18:47.08 97
99Logan Moore2025Cheyenne Central High School18:47.98 98
100Gio Monterastelli2025Buffalo High School18:49.72 99
101Dallin Horrocks2026Evanston High School18:51.78 100
102Kayson Brant2026Cheyenne Central High School18:52.23 101
103Ivan Thomas2024Worland High School18:53.40 --
104Bridger Wheeler2024Cheyenne Central High School18:54.39 102
105Luke Dixon2026Cheyenne Central High School18:55.54 --
106Colt Madsen2027Mountain View High School18:58.82 103
107Cade Webster2025Kelly Walsh High School18:59.57 --
108Josh Dent2025Cheyenne Central High School18:59.60 --
109Kason Kukuchka2025Buffalo High School18:59.79 104
110Isaiah Stuart-Walker2026Cheyenne East High School19:01.90 --
111Jadon Shamion2027Campbell County High School19:02.57 105
112Caleb Crabtree2024Thunder Basin High School19:03.63 106
113Ayden Harmon2026Mountain View High School19:05.70 107
114Titan Cox2026Buffalo High School19:06.43 --
115Anson Robinson2025Star Valley High School19:08.48 --
116Jack Overbay2025Jackson Hole High School19:08.60 108
117Cheldain Stephens2026Thunder Basin High School19:08.62 109
118Darrell Hunting2025Star Valley High School19:10.16 --
119Nash Piekkola2025Mountain View High School19:10.52 110
120Braxton Simmons2027Mountain View High School19:10.78 111
121Seth Chase2025Thunder Basin High School19:11.02 112
122William Maes2026Rock Springs High School19:12.32 113
123David Durfee2026Lovell High School19:12.43 114
124Brigham Hahn2026Star Valley High School19:12.52 --
125Justin Moon2025Evanston High School19:13.13 --
126Deacon Cain2025Campbell County High School19:13.47 115
127Michael Pfeil2026Thunder Basin High School19:13.50 --
128Tobyn Teigen2027Wright High School19:14.00 116
129Bryce Stevenson2025Cody High School19:14.12 117
130Braden Birge2025Cheyenne Central High School19:14.49 --
131Luke Melinkovich2026Campbell County High School19:16.20 118
132Brodyn Lambert2024Buffalo High School19:16.64 --
133Mack White2025Lander Valley High School19:16.83 119
134Aquinas Lasnoski2025Lander Valley High School19:16.90 120
135Bodey Kejr2027Douglas High School19:17.98 121
136David McDivitt2026Natrona County High School19:19.30 122
137Cole Rasmuson2025Buffalo High School19:20.14 --
138Jace Ketcham2026Cheyenne East High School19:22.00 --
139Rylan Duffy2027Kelly Walsh High School19:24.00 --
140Keaton Wright2024Kelly Walsh High School19:24.30 --
141Flynn Arnold2026Laramie High School19:25.21 123
142Seldon Little2027Campbell County High School19:26.70 124
143Ayden Moulton2025Glenrock High School19:28.19 125
144Andrew Harmon2026Mountain View High School19:28.45 --
145Jaxson Hadley2026Mountain View High School19:28.80 --
146Ethan Miller2025Worland High School19:29.81 --
147Champ Ransom2026Natrona County High School19:30.60 126
148AJ Clark2024Lovell High School19:30.70 127
149drake schillinger2025Thunder Basin High School19:32.48 --
150Kempton Perriton2025Cheyenne Central High School19:33.43 --
151Mason Young2025Evanston High School19:33.70 --
152Everett Thomas2027Buffalo High School19:35.05 --
153Caleb Strand2027Kelly Walsh High School19:35.55 --
154Jesse Kimble2027Green River High School19:36.24 128
155Eli Anderson2027Sheridan High School19:36.82 --
156Tel Parry2026Star Valley High School19:37.19 --
157Micah Morgan2026Lander Valley High School19:37.60 129
158Chase Pettus2026Rawlins High School19:39.70 130
159Logan Milek2026Lander Valley High School19:40.94 131
160Will Pollick2027Thunder Basin High School19:41.26 --
161Eric Tilton2025Cheyenne Central High School19:41.63 --
162Owen Partridge2027Glenrock High School19:45.68 132
163Davis Staheli2027Lyman High School19:47.82 133
164Chaldin Stephens2026Thunder Basin High School19:49.70 --
165David Haberkorn2025Cheyenne East High School19:50.00 --
166Deklan Gill2024Sundance High School19:50.71 134
167Jacob Thomas2026Lovell High School19:50.98 135
168Monroe-Black Heeyei Niitou2026Wyoming Indian High School19:51.10 136
169Dolan Glasser2024Wright High School19:51.21 137
170Jesse Rodriguez2024Thermopolis High School19:51.74 138
171Carter Redden2024Buffalo High School19:51.83 --
172Jonas Blank2024Kelly Walsh High School19:52.10 --
173Croydon Francis2024Evanston High School19:52.66 --
174Colton SunRhodes2026Wyoming Indian High School19:56.27 139
175Zach Magargal2024Cody High School19:59.50 140
176Andrew Gruner2024Natrona County High School19:59.70 141
177Nathan Gruner2027Natrona County High School20:00.00 --
178Gabe Hullett2026Jackson Hole High School20:01.16 142
179Marcus James2024Moorcroft High School20:02.70 --
180Levi Wardell2025Burlington High School20:02.99 143
181Noah Mitchell2024Worland High School20:04.40 --
182Chris Martinez2028Worland High School20:06.30 --
183Triton Bennett2025Kelly Walsh High School20:06.74 --
184Ben Hirschi2027Star Valley High School20:07.97 --
185Elijah Martinez2027Star Valley High School20:08.02 --
186Alex Runyan2024Cheyenne Central High School20:08.50 --
187Hendrix Prete2027Evanston High School20:11.81 --
188Logan Jordahl2025Buffalo High School20:12.48 --
189Bo Prince2027Cheyenne East High School20:13.00 --
190Axel Wogoman2024Jackson Hole High School20:14.35 144
191Thomas Walters2025Natrona County High School20:14.40 --
192Archer Ohnstad2026Newcastle High School20:15.59 145
193Jacob Case2025Sheridan High School20:16.48 --
194Devlin Engelman2026Kelly Walsh High School20:16.90 --
195Noah Ring2025Lander Valley High School20:17.00 146
196Abraham Hughes2027Sheridan High School20:17.20 --
197Josh Hilton2025Evanston High School20:18.92 --
198Seth Needham2024Thermopolis High School20:19.85 147
199Myles Wilson2024Torrington High School20:19.89 148
200Wilk Tanner2027Rawlins High School20:20.48 149
201Colin Walker2026Powell High School20:21.98 150
202Lane Hunting2025Star Valley High School20:25.57 --
203Luke Ewing2024Douglas High School20:25.85 151
204Donovan Warren2027Worland High School20:25.88 --
205chase erickson2027Thunder Basin High School20:27.18 --
206Brodie Zwetzig2024Douglas High School20:29.48 152
207Tommy Dayton2026Kelly Walsh High School20:30.21 --
208Stetson Asay2025Lovell High School20:30.66 153
209Deegan Smith2025Rock Springs High School20:30.73 154
210Isaac Tims2025Mountain View High School20:31.21 --
211Angel Villegas2025Sundance High School20:32.23 155
212Kade Garcia2027Worland High School20:33.36 --
213Syrus Bates2026Cody High School20:34.31 --
214Jay Hahn2027Buffalo High School20:36.20 --
215Josh Fackrell2025Sheridan High School20:36.21 --
216Jordan Andrew2025Green River High School20:37.40 156
217Leo Hillinger2025Jackson Hole High School20:38.90 157
218Jared Melinkovich2027Thunder Basin High School20:38.98 --
219Nolan Smith2025Douglas High School20:39.21 158
220Ethan Norris2024Pine Bluffs High School20:39.35 159
221Marley Wiley2026Sheridan High School20:40.27 --
222Ben Boulter2024Sheridan High School20:42.02 --
223Chase Brunkhorst2024Buffalo High School20:42.39 --
224Lucas Peterson2025Buffalo High School20:42.45 --
225Mason Lynch2025Jackson Hole High School20:43.03 --
226Lorenzo Cherry2026Sheridan High School20:43.25 --
227Brycen Burt2027Cheyenne East High School20:45.00 --
228Carlos Shaw2024Riverton High School20:46.40 160
229Hudson May2025Rocky Mountain High School20:47.65 --
230Logan Olson2025Newcastle High School20:47.67 161
231James Bassett2024Burlington High School20:47.90 162
232Dylan McGee2027Jackson Hole High School20:49.85 --
233Liam Tucker2024Star Valley High School20:51.85 --
234Jackson Murray2027Laramie High School20:52.80 163
235Oliver Nambo2026Rawlins High School20:54.00 164
236Jacob Ruble2026Kelly Walsh High School20:54.90 --
237Joseph Thomas2027Wright High School20:55.62 165
238Ben Carter2025Newcastle High School20:56.27 166
239Bennett Keel2026Saratoga High School20:56.58 167
240Gavin May2025Wheatland High School21:02.07 --
241Peirce Fuhrman2026Tongue River High School21:03.14 168
242Gavin Touchton2025Cheyenne Central High School21:03.44 --
243Sam Lore2025Kelly Walsh High School21:03.55 --
244Swithin Shearin2027Lander Valley High School21:04.88 --
245Sebastian Ruiz2026Kelly Walsh High School21:04.90 --
246Daemon Parks2026Evanston High School21:05.24 --
247Wesley Underwood2026Fort Washakie High School21:05.28 --
248Liam Dunlap2027Buffalo High School21:06.52 --
249Benjamin Wakkinen2026Cheyenne East High School21:10.00 --
250Ethan Upton2027Cheyenne East High School21:10.50 --
251James McNiven2027Burlington High School21:10.80 169
252Jacob Shoultz2025Sheridan High School21:12.29 --
253Xavier Wilson2025Pine Bluffs High School21:13.27 170
254Colter Tims2026Mountain View High School21:13.43 --
255Matthew Osborne2024Sheridan High School21:14.28 --
256Ian Blackwell2024Sheridan High School21:14.31 --
257Isaac Goralski2026Jackson Hole High School21:16.10 --
258River Whiteplume2026Riverton High School21:18.00 171
259Race Pfeil2026Thunder Basin High School21:20.37 --
260Diego Diaz2024Natrona County High School21:22.00 --
261Teancum Gevas2027Thermopolis High School21:22.54 172
262Owen Hill2026Lovell High School21:22.85 173
263MYLES TAYLOR-HOLFELDT2027Lyman High School21:22.92 174
264Dino DeLaCruz2025Lovell High School21:23.36 175
265Jay Mayes2026Lovell High School21:23.59 176
266Lucas Nicolaysen2024Kelly Walsh High School21:25.30 --
267Zack Degraw2026Evanston High School21:26.01 --
268Caleb Hoover2025Newcastle High School21:26.90 177
269Spencer McLeland2027Thunder Basin High School21:27.08 --
270Benton Barkdull2025Star Valley High School21:27.28 --
271Mason Walcher2026Cheyenne Central High School21:28.40 --
272Isaiah Still2026Green River High School21:29.77 178
273Jordan Black2027Wyoming Indian High School21:30.20 179
274Carter Brown2027Evanston High School21:30.63 --
275Logan Peterson2026Buffalo High School21:30.71 --
276Holden Ayer2025Sundance High School21:31.06 180
277Caleb Addison2026Wyoming Indian High School21:31.65 181
278Logan Gardner2026Wind River High School21:32.06 182
279Marley C'Hair2025Wyoming Indian High School21:32.28 183
280Nathan Varian2027Powell High School21:33.04 184
281Ben Horrocks2027Evanston High School21:33.39 --
282Ray Gribowskas2024Lander Valley High School21:33.70 --
283Matthew Finkel2027Jackson Hole High School21:34.10 --
284Weston McLaughlin2026Riverton High School21:35.79 --
285Jake Swensen2027Rock Springs High School21:36.02 185
286Sam Kaiser2024Laramie High School21:37.70 186
287Matthew Israelson2025Campbell County High School21:38.44 187
288Camden Morris2027Kelly Walsh High School21:40.46 --
289Kimball Parry2027Star Valley High School21:40.60 --
290James Sich2025Campbell County High School21:40.99 188
291Gavin Zeiger2024Glenrock High School21:42.28 189
292Alex Bisbee2025Riverton High School21:43.00 --
293Sam Mayes2027Lovell High School21:44.79 --
294Landon Withrow2026Riverton High School21:48.30 --
295Treyshaun Sleeperr2027Wyoming Indian High School21:49.70 190
296Jayce Joss2025Douglas High School21:50.07 191
297Bruce McNiven2025Burlington High School21:50.36 192
298Nick Olmstead2026Burlington High School21:52.69 --
299David Jackson2027Jackson Hole High School21:52.80 --
300Jacob Platt2026Mountain View High School21:52.97 --
301Caleb Crowther2027Star Valley High School21:53.34 --
302Logan Heller2027Lander Valley High School21:54.10 --
303Jace Dees2024Kelly Walsh High School21:55.71 --
304Kevin Mitchell2024Rock Springs High School21:56.40 193
305Bae John Heyneman2024Sheridan High School21:57.83 --
306Dylan Genzler2025Natrona County High School21:59.52 --
307Jt Quigley2026Cheyenne South High School22:01.02 194
308Zander Hinkley2024Riverton High School22:01.40 --
309Tristan Bergum2026Sheridan High School22:01.50 --
310Frankie Strickland2026Riverton High School22:02.20 --
311Parker Laing2024Cody High School22:02.48 --
312Lincoln Carroll2024Sheridan High School22:02.99 --
313Jonah Finch2027Star Valley High School22:05.37 --
314Eli Wharton2024Kelly Walsh High School22:10.09 --
315Kasen Sabus2027Natrona County High School22:10.60 --
316Aedan Johnson2025Lyman High School22:12.80 195
317Russell Hilton2027Evanston High School22:13.02 --
318Tyler Greenberg2024Saratoga High School22:13.20 196
319Justin Cecil2027Wheatland High School22:13.63 --
320Chase Baker2024Big Horn High School22:14.06 --
321Trace Erdmann2025Green River High School22:14.50 197
322Jamison Edington2027Cheyenne Central High School22:14.57 --
323Owen Berry2027Rock Springs High School22:14.65 198
324Matthew Kayser2025Douglas High School22:15.10 199
325Logan Okes2027Kelly Walsh High School22:15.20 --
326Hayden Robinson2027Jackson Hole High School22:17.08 --
327Corbin Maxfield2027Mountain View High School22:17.91 --
328Austin Stirewalt2026Kelly Walsh High School22:18.50 --
329Kyten Johnson2025Sundance High School22:21.15 200
330Carter Hensley2027Natrona County High School22:24.30 --
331Landon Miller2027Worland High School22:24.43 --
332Keegan Gailey2025Green River High School22:25.13 201
333Chase Morrow2025Evanston High School22:25.62 --
334Jasper Allen2027Lyman High School22:25.99 202
335Lucas Hong2024Jackson Hole High School22:29.80 --
336Gabrial Escajeda2024Cheyenne East High School22:32.00 --
337Pecos SunRhodes2025Wyoming Indian High School22:32.61 203
338Aven Posey2026Wyoming Indian High School22:34.20 --
339Liam Knerr2024Laramie High School22:35.71 --
340Robert Clements2027Laramie High School22:35.80 --
341Colt Haslam2025Burlington High School22:36.80 --
342Jonah Raney2026Big Horn High School22:38.45 --
343Ashton Aitken2024Star Valley High School22:38.75 --
344James Specht2026Laramie High School22:40.86 --
345Hans Zabriskie2027Cheyenne East High School22:41.70 --
346Layne Strohschein2025Wright High School22:42.48 204
347Brooks Even2027Lander Valley High School22:42.60 --
348Jack Crilly2025Cheyenne Central High School22:42.80 --
349Patrick Durham2027Buffalo High School22:42.83 --
350Tyson Luckow2027Buffalo High School22:43.43 --
351Bryland Davis2025Wind River High School22:44.00 205
352Alvero Perez2027Jackson Hole High School22:45.47 --
353Rutley Hansen2028Pine Bluffs High School22:47.55 206
354Mark Durfee2027Lovell High School22:47.56 --
355Wyatt Flahaven2025Sundance High School22:48.46 207
356Lane Schaff2027Natrona County High School22:51.50 --
357Owen Caldwell2024Glenrock High School22:54.69 208
358Mason Godlewski2026Kelly Walsh High School22:56.00 --
359Hunter Rushing2027Green River High School22:56.50 209
360Pearson Heath2025Kelly Walsh High School22:57.50 --
361Soren Fredrickson2026Big Horn High School22:58.29 --
362Jonavan Billie2027Cheyenne South High School23:04.40 210
363Morgan Kusler2024Cheyenne East High School23:04.80 --
364Colin Delach2027Natrona County High School23:06.90 --
365Greg McNiven2027Burlington High School23:07.59 --
366Brennan Serres2024Buffalo High School23:08.14 --
367Jacob Passey2027Evanston High School23:09.79 --
368Jack Noblin2026Douglas High School23:10.38 211
369William Dickerson2027Kelly Walsh High School23:12.67 --
370Teegan Eldridge2027Cheyenne East High School23:13.60 --
371Camden Brown2024Jackson Hole High School23:15.70 --
372Ron McElroy, Jr.2026Wyoming Indian High School23:16.00 --
373Reese Osborne2027Lyman High School23:17.25 212
374Darwin Gambler Jr.2026Wyoming Indian High School23:19.51 --
375Asher Conrad2027Evanston High School23:21.33 --
376Miles Wieser2026Glenrock High School23:22.75 213
377Riley Mcpherson2025Cheyenne East High School23:22.90 --
378Michael Schowengerdt2027Glenrock High School23:23.24 214
379Elijah Williams2027Saratoga High School23:23.36 215
380Tristan Watkins2027Rock Springs High School23:24.13 --
381Noah Red Willow2025Wyoming Indian High School23:24.86 --
382Carsten Palmer2027Evanston High School23:25.02 --
383Owen Firth2024Lander Valley High School23:25.60 --
384Stetson Wagen2027Riverton High School23:26.90 --
385jager mclaughlin2025Sundance High School23:27.72 216
386Benjamin Youngberg2026Natrona County High School23:27.94 --
387Gabrial Escajeda2024Cheyenne East High School23:30.30 --
388Hugh Carpenter2026Lovell High School23:30.94 --
389Ryan Kranz2027Green River High School23:31.90 217
390carter jacobson2027Thunder Basin High School23:32.81 --
391Dalan Wambeke2027Rocky Mountain High School23:34.23 --
392Eliot Tate2027Riverton High School23:34.60 --
393Joseph Allen2026Sheridan High School23:35.87 --
394Chris White2024Riverton High School23:36.20 --
395Gabriel Matthews2026Star Valley High School23:37.14 --
396Kendrick Blumenthal2027Newcastle High School23:37.49 218
397Lane Carter2027Newcastle High School23:38.10 219
398Jonathan Goodrich2027Kelly Walsh High School23:38.56 --
399Thomas Shuman2026Powell High School23:38.81 220
400Wyatt Dickau2026Douglas High School23:39.65 --
401Ron McElroy2026Wyoming Indian High School23:41.87 --
402Tayven Schaffer2026Lyman High School23:43.59 221
403Marley Underwood2027Wyoming Indian High School23:43.83 --
404Sutter Allen2028Pine Bluffs High School23:45.46 222
405Josh Schrader2027Natrona County High School23:46.80 --
406Mark Schwieder2026Tongue River High School23:47.43 223
407Brandon Roldan2026Campbell County High School23:47.49 --
408Judah Kirby2027Rawlins High School23:47.75 224
409Matthew Hubbard2027Cheyenne Central High School23:51.30 --
410Prakash Landis2026Sheridan High School23:51.43 --
411Brayden Groenke2025Lander Valley High School23:51.90 --
412Colin Tuckett2027Thunder Basin High School23:51.97 --
413Daxton Phillips2027Newcastle High School23:52.30 --
414Jon Hawley2024Powell High School23:52.34 225
415Jacob Vasquez2024Wright High School23:53.60 226
416Giovanni Murphy2025Kelly Walsh High School23:53.87 --
417Sean Frazier2024Riverton High School23:53.90 --
418Parlayne Ferris2026Wyoming Indian High School23:56.60 --
419Jaiden Hand2025Thunder Basin High School23:56.79 --
420Kole Spotted2025Tongue River High School24:00.38 227
421Alexander Ivanov2027Kelly Walsh High School24:02.30 --
422Hunter Boss2027Jackson Hole High School24:02.48 --
423Damian Petry2027Pine Bluffs High School24:03.13 228
424Jacob Neely2024Lander Valley High School24:03.90 --
425Cameron May2025Rock Springs High School24:04.05 --
426Tyler Milne2027Sheridan High School24:06.35 --
427Michael Cain2027Campbell County High School24:07.50 --
428Rylan Groenke2027Wind River High School24:09.51 229
429Josh Van Horn2026Tongue River High School24:12.00 230
430Nathan Scheinder2027Laramie High School24:14.82 --
431Josiah Adwalpalker2024Kelly Walsh High School24:17.00 --
432Remy Belaski2027Laramie High School24:22.20 --
433Jensen Wrtght2027Riverton High School24:23.80 --
434Derrek Miller2026Tongue River High School24:23.91 231
435Ty Albaugh2025Torrington High School24:25.81 232
436Ryan Gibbons2024Star Valley High School24:26.34 --
437Wyatt Sawyer2024Evanston High School24:26.45 --
438Addison Sheu2027Evanston High School24:26.71 --
439Kolton Martinez2026Wind River High School24:26.90 233
440Kai Alatini2026Wind River High School24:27.50 234
441Evan Robinson2026Rawlins High School24:28.40 235
442Matthew Butler2026Rawlins High School24:29.73 --
443Braydan Roldan2027Campbell County High School24:30.44 --
444Jaxson Cornella2025Glenrock High School24:35.54 236
445Keidon Beasley2025Star Valley High School24:37.37 --
446Austin Vondra2027Natrona County High School24:39.02 --
447Martin Underwood III2025Wyoming Indian High School24:50.44 --
448Zane Butler2025Saratoga High School24:55.43 237
449Lincoln Fincher2025Kelly Walsh High School24:59.70 --
450Roman Hannon2026Cheyenne Central High School25:03.50 --
451Wyatt Wilson2027Campbell County High School25:03.67 --
452Cordell Spoonhunter2026Wyoming Indian High School25:07.10 --
453Jude Pennington2027Thunder Basin High School25:09.40 --
454Preston Gould2027Wind River High School25:11.70 238
455Alec Martinez2027Thermopolis High School25:12.14 239
456David Weiss2024Star Valley High School25:12.46 --
457Josh Walker2027Star Valley High School25:13.70 --
458Aden Larsen2027Kelly Walsh High School25:14.80 --
459Nolan Johnston2027Worland High School25:15.72 --
460Wes Stafford2027Laramie High School25:16.40 --
461Patrick Moody2027Natrona County High School25:20.30 --
462Jackson Webster2027Kelly Walsh High School25:21.40 --
463Josh Parks2027Campbell County High School25:22.52 --
464Jaycee Kohler2024Evanston High School25:23.68 --
465Jackson Fetsco2024Cheyenne Central High School25:26.70 --
466Alex Hedges2026Rocky Mountain High School25:30.39 --
467Gage Newberry2024Laramie High School25:41.80 --
468Willeon Pease2025Tongue River High School25:46.17 240
469Jesse Jolovich2027Natrona County High School25:46.99 --
470Boston Cobell2027Kelly Walsh High School25:47.01 --
471Isaac Thomas2027Pine Bluffs High School25:51.44 241
472Shane Keelin2026Jackson Hole High School25:52.00 --
473Matkin Cain2027Tongue River High School25:55.65 --
474David Nussbaum2026Rock Springs High School25:56.85 --
475Sawyer Layson2027Laramie High School25:59.02 --
476Jacob Finnegan2025Natrona County High School26:00.99 --
477Jack Edmiston2027Jackson Hole High School26:01.13 --
478Milan Fowler2027Tongue River High School26:02.25 --
479Lane Muller2024Campbell County High School26:10.79 --
480Jaxon Hirschi2024Star Valley High School26:12.48 --
481Andrew Woodhouse2027Laramie High School26:13.30 --
482Benjamin Swanson2027Kelly Walsh High School26:16.91 --
483Thomas Bales2027Lander Valley High School26:22.25 --
484Manny Coulter2026Glenrock High School26:24.08 --
485Stetson Pahdocony2027Campbell County High School26:28.82 --
486Bennett Bonsell2027Rock Springs High School26:32.83 --
487Camden Lambert2027Torrington High School26:33.84 242
488Caleb Araas2027Cheyenne Central High School26:34.00 --
489Cash Wassmer2026Lovell High School26:39.09 --
490Nicholas Brandt2027Laramie High School26:41.10 --
491Eli Byington2026Jackson Hole High School26:42.60 --
492Andrea Villa2024Wright High School26:43.86 243
493Pablo Rangsitch2026Lander Valley High School26:50.70 --
494Aamaro Munoz2026Laramie High School26:51.30 --
495Joseph Garcia2027Cheyenne South High School26:51.40 244
496Alex Kristensen2024Cheyenne Central High School27:05.13 --
497Gabriel Platt2025Mountain View High School27:05.33 --
498Aaron Schneider2026Laramie High School27:06.27 --
499Brody Harrison2026Torrington High School27:26.12 245
500Thane Zollman2025Lovell High School27:27.55 --
501Anytn Bell2027St. Stephens High School27:33.20 --
502Oliver Nordberg2026Burlington High School27:34.70 --
503Mason Aimone2027Lyman High School27:36.00 --
504Blake Weathers2027Kelly Walsh High School27:53.00 --
505Dylan Miller2027Cheyenne South High School27:56.40 246
505Wesley Warren2027Kelly Walsh High School27:56.40 --
507Cooper Hanni2026Wheatland High School27:58.52 --
508Clayton Fodor2027Cheyenne Central High School27:59.11 --
509Dylan Greenberg2026Saratoga High School28:00.02 247
510Rylan Pearman2026Kelly Walsh High School28:00.80 --
511Quincey Ochs2026Buffalo High School28:10.03 --
512Ezra Jensen2027Rock Springs High School28:13.02 --
513Brian Obarr2027Burlington High School28:25.14 --
514Issac Gard2024Riverton High School28:31.74 --
515Aiden Smith2027Cheyenne East High School28:35.60 --
516Elijah Timbers2027Natrona County High School28:41.20 --
517David Black2025Riverton High School28:45.80 --
518Shaun Tabaha2027Riverton High School28:48.50 --
519Brandon Swigart2027Rock Springs High School28:51.61 --
520Jaime Peña2026Wright High School29:07.77 248
521Jackson Godlewski2027Kelly Walsh High School29:07.83 --
522Carson Stahl2027Evanston High School29:13.29 --
523Joey Hill2027Fort Washakie High School29:53.20 --
524Cormac Weisbeck2025Cheyenne East High School29:56.90 --
525Hayden Carter2027Cheyenne South High School29:58.10 249
526Neils Quigly2027Worland High School30:03.05 --
527Mitchell C'hair2026Wyoming Indian High School30:24.30 --
528Kyle Gudger2024Natrona County High School30:51.46 --
529Caleb Robinson2027Rawlins High School30:52.11 --
530Sterling Delo2027Cheyenne Central High School30:56.30 --
531Wyatt Davis2027Cheyenne Central High School31:13.13 --
532Ace Dunnum2027Pine Bluffs High School31:17.58 250
533Justin Noah2027Kelly Walsh High School32:29.10 --
534Rickie Palmer2027Star Valley High School32:52.26 --
535Nathan Li2027Kelly Walsh High School33:22.90 --
536Rj Lee2027Laramie High School33:38.10 --
537Benjamin Bowcutt2024Wind River High School33:45.30 251
538James Lee2027Laramie High School35:43.40 --
539CROYDON FRANES0Evanston High School20:09:00.00 --
540Colby Farrens2024Evanston High School20:33:00.00 --
541Tayven Schafer2026Lyman High School23:58:00.00 --
542Shaun Parks2026Cheyenne East High School24:40:00.00 --
543Jaycee Khuler0Evanston High School25:02:00.00 --
544HANK BABCOCK0Lyman High School25:57:00.00 --
545Gabe Platt2025Mountain View High School27:51:00.00 --
546Matthew Sepos2027Evanston High School31:08:00.00 --