4A Boys State Team Preview: Wyoming Cross Country

Central, Sheridan, Jackson

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4A Boys Rankings         4A Boys Team Preview

4A Girls Rankings         4A Girls Team Preview

3A Girls Rankings           3A Girls Team Preview

3A Boys Rankings         3A Boys Team Preview

2A Boys Rankings and Preview         2A Girls Rankings and Preview

Team Scores

1Cheyenne Central High School441+5+8+14+16 (24+34)39.2016:19.02
2Sheridan High School733+6+7+17+40 (51+52)1:19.2816:30.38
3Jackson Hole High School862+13+19+21+31 (32+37)1:08.9616:38.98
4Natrona County High School10611+15+18+23+39 (57+59)45.2816:48.27
5Laramie High School14512+22+33+36+42 (54+60)53.3817:01.94
6Kelly Walsh High School17626+30+35+41+44 (50+55)28.7117:14.70
7Evanston High School18320+29+43+45+46 (56+64)45.7117:16.43
8Campbell County High School2099+10+49+65+76 (80+82)2:33.9917:35.36
9Thunder Basin High School24425+27+58+63+71 (72+75)1:54.5517:48.92
10Cheyenne East High School25028+47+48+61+66 (67+68)1:15.7017:43.42
11Rock Springs High School2884+53+69+79+83 (84+85)3:22.7618:10.69
12Green River High School34138+70+73+74+86 (87+91)3:13.7718:50.74
13Cheyenne South High School38662+77+78+81+88 (89+90)3:52.3419:31.43