Meet Information

Kemmerer Junior High School Track Meet 

Saturday, April 16th, 2022 

Schools Attending - Kemmerer, Jackson, Pinedale,Green River, Evanston MS, Davis MS, Big Piney, Farson 


  • Kemmerer Junior Senior High School Track (Next to Canyon Elementary School) 


  • Field Events will start at 10am 

  • Running Events will start at 12pm 


  • 6th & 7th Graders will be entered in the 7th Grade division 

  • 8th Graders will be entered in the 8th Grade division 

  • Participants are limited to four events  

  • An athlete may run one leg of any relay.  

  • Relays are considered one (1) of the four- (4) events. 

  • Students may compete in more than one relay event. 

  • All entries need to be entered on by Thursday April 14th @ 11pm 


  • We will score the top 6 places in each event: 10-8-6-4-2-1 

  • Schools may have two relay teams in each event but only the top team will be scored. 

Order of Events 

Coaches Meeting - 9:30am at shed on South end of the Stadium. 

Field Events - Start at 10am  

***There will be minimum marks for all field events. 

*** Throws will be 3 consecutive attempts, measuring all marks over the minimum. 

*** Jumps will be best of 3 attempts, no finals. 

*** Please make sure that your athletes report to their field events and check-in when called.  Running Events will take priority over field events.  We will not wait for athletes for running events. 

*** Each team will be assigned a field event to help with. We need 1 coach to run the event and will have our HS track athletes at each to assist. 

  • Triple Jump (Boys followed by Girls) - EMS/Jackson 

  • Long Jump (Girls followed by Boys) - Green River/DMS 

  • High Jump (Boys followed by Girls) - Big Piney/Farson

  • Discus (Open Pit) - Kemmerer 

  • Shot-Put (Open Pit) - Pinedale

    Both boys and girls' divisions will use the 4k Shot 

Running Events - Start at 12pm  

*** We will need coaches from each school to help with hurdle judges and exchange judges 

*** All events will be timed finals. 

*** All Events will be 7th Girls, 8th Girls, 7th Boys, 8thBoys. 

*** Both boys and girls will run the 200m hurdles at a height of 30". Five hurdles will be set on the high school 300m hurdles marks. Race will start at the 200 m start. Omit the first hurdle. 

*** Girls will run the 100m hurdles at a height of 30"  

*** Boys will run the 100m hurdles at a height of 33" 

  • 1600 METER RUN 


  • 100 METER DASH 

  • 400 METER DASH 

  • 4 X 100 METER RELAY 


  • 800 METER RUN 

  • 200 METER DASH 

  • 4 X 200 METER RELAY 

  • 4 X 400 METER RELAY 

Other Information  

  • Team Camps are limited to the grass area in front of Canyon Elementary. Please leave the bleachers open for spectators 

  • The infield is for warming up and coaches only. NO SPECTATORS on the infield 


  • Bus Parking - After dropping off teams please have your bus park in the upper parking lot of Canyon Elementary (Directly North of the Rec Center)