Wyoming Track: 3A Boys Team Preview

Only 8 points separate the top 4 Teams, definitely the closest 3A boys Team Race in Years

Team Scores

1Torrington High School87
2Powell High School84.5
3Mountain View High School81.5
4Lander Valley High School79
5Wheatland High School70
6Douglas High School69
7Worland High School61
8Lovell High School43
9Burns High School42.5
10Buffalo High School32.5
11Rawlins High School23.5
12Kemmerer High School20
13Lyman High School6.5
14Thermopolis High School2

100 Meter Dash

1Rodee Brow2022Wheatland High School10.92 10
2Brendan Flock2023Torrington High School10.99 8
3Shawn Cozzens2022Lander Valley High School11.16 6
4Kieran Murray2024Buffalo High School11.26 5
5Rylan Wehr2022Douglas High School11.42 4
6Tanner Case2022Mountain View High School11.43 3
7Ben Nichols2023Lovell High School11.45 2
8Jarron Mascarenas2022Rawlins High School11.48 0.5
8Keltan Ewing2022Douglas High School11.48 0.5
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200 Meter Dash

1Brendan Flock2023Torrington High School22.28 10
2Rodee Brow2022Wheatland High School22.32 8
3Jarron Mascarenas2022Rawlins High School22.74 6
4Shawn Cozzens2022Lander Valley High School22.87 5
5Kieran Murray2024Buffalo High School23.14 4
6Rylan Wehr2022Douglas High School23.27 3
7Aaron Carver2022Worland High School23.48 2
8Tayden Bell2023Mountain View High School23.52 1
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400 Meter Dash

1Rodee Brow2022Wheatland High School49.29 10
2Brendan Flock2023Torrington High School50.35 8
3Ben Nichols2023Lovell High School50.36 6
4Cody Hape2023Burns High School50.94 5
5Cameryn Spence2022Douglas High School51.11 4
6Tayden Bell2023Mountain View High School51.25 3
7Carson Eardley2024Mountain View High School51.40 2
8Matisse Weaver2023Lander Valley High School51.99 1
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800 Meter Run

1Cameryn Spence2022Douglas High School1:59.48 10
2Aydan Loya2023Torrington High School1:59.84 8
3Blaine Goklish2022Lander Valley High School2:00.81 6
4Tanner Erickson2022Mountain View High School2:01.61 5
5Daniel Merritt2023Powell High School2:01.73 4
6Tayden Bell2023Mountain View High School2:01.75 3
7Brodyn Lambert2024Buffalo High School2:03.22 2
8Spencer Smith2022Burns High School2:05.82 1
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1600 Meter Run

1Tanner Erickson2022Mountain View High School4:28.17 10
2Owen Burnett2023Kemmerer High School4:32.42 8
3Blaine Goklish2022Lander Valley High School4:34.47 6
4Cameryn Spence2022Douglas High School4:38.50 5
5Daniel Merritt2023Powell High School4:42.15 4
6Aydan Loya2023Torrington High School4:43.74 3
7Weston Cronk2022Torrington High School4:44.72 2
8Cash Henrie2024Mountain View High School4:47.20 1
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3200 Meter Run

1Owen Burnett2023Kemmerer High School9:48.55 10
2Tanner Erickson2022Mountain View High School9:56.06 8
3Cash Henrie2024Mountain View High School10:25.32 6
4Dash Madsen2025Mountain View High School10:25.50 5
5Daniel Merritt2023Powell High School10:25.81 4
6Trajn Swalstad2025Worland High School10:25.85 3
7Cody Hinman2023Rawlins High School10:32.03 2
8Colt Henrie2024Mountain View High School10:43.47 1
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110 Meter Hurdles

1Gage Gose2023Lander Valley High School14.78 10
2Aaron Carver2022Worland High School15.13 8
3Kaden Bauersachs2022Douglas High School15.91 6
4Hyrum Jeide2023Powell High School16.45 5
5Dawson Utterback2024Worland High School16.47 4
6Reed McFadden2024Lander Valley High School16.54 3
7Stuart Shoopman2024Powell High School16.64 2
8Simon Shoopman2023Powell High School16.66 1
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300 Meter Hurdles

1Gage Gose2023Lander Valley High School38.69 10
2Keltan Ewing2022Douglas High School39.98 8
3Matisse Weaver2023Lander Valley High School40.52 6
4Aaron Carver2022Worland High School40.58 5
5Carson Eardley2024Mountain View High School40.76 4
6Hyrum Jeide2023Powell High School42.61 3
7Dawson Utterback2024Worland High School42.76 2
8Jase Smith2022Rawlins High School42.86 1
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4x100 Meter Relay

1Wheatland High School44.15 10
2Lander Valley High School45.05 8
3Worland High School45.15 6
4Lovell High School45.18 5
5Rawlins High School45.30 4
6Burns High School45.47 3
7Mountain View High School46.02 2
8Buffalo High School46.22 1
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Sprint Medley Relay

1Douglas High School3:37.12 10
2Lander Valley High School3:44.40 8
3Torrington High School3:46.05 6
4Lovell High School3:46.30 5
5Rawlins High School3:49.56 4
6Burns High School3:50.16 3
7Worland High School3:50.49 2
8Kemmerer High School3:54.06 1
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4x400 Meter Relay

1Burns High School3:30.66 10
2Torrington High School3:30.74 8
3Rawlins High School3:31.89 6
4Lander Valley High School3:32.39 5
5Mountain View High School3:36.85 4
6Buffalo High School3:37.60 3
7Worland High School3:37.82 2
8Kemmerer High School3:38.58 1
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4x800 Meter Relay

1Mountain View High School8:25.19 10
2Worland High School8:35.65 8
3Buffalo High School8:38.30 6
4Lander Valley High School8:39.78 5
5Powell High School8:46.31 4
6Burns High School8:51.57 3
7Thermopolis High School8:53.42 2
8Douglas High School8:58.20 1
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Long Jump

1Benjamin Fuller2022Torrington High School21-7.25 10
2Kade Preuit2022Wheatland High School20-10.5 8
3Zach Ratcliff2022Powell High School20-5.5 6
4Casen Hiser2022Lovell High School20-2.75 5
5Brock Douzenis2023Worland High School19-10.75 4
6Bryce Stenson2024Wheatland High School19-8.5 3
7Alex Bradshaw2022Lyman High School19-7.75 1.5
7Cooper Lakin2023Burns High School19-7.75 1.5
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High Jump

1Isaiah Woyack2024Powell High School6-6 10
2Eli Weimer2022Powell High School6-4 7
2William Harper2022Worland High School6-4 7
4Kaden Bauersachs2022Douglas High School6-2 4.5
4Trennan Pearson2024Douglas High School6-2 4.5
6Benjamin Camino2022Buffalo High School6-0 2
6Bryant Demott2023Torrington High School6-0 2
6Kade Preuit2022Wheatland High School6-0 2
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Triple Jump

1Jackson Kirkbride2022Burns High School42-6 10
2Gabriel Cahhal-Laudert2022Buffalo High School41-2 8
3Cody Piasecki2023Burns High School41-1.5 6
4Evan Hellus2025Torrington High School40-4.75 5
5Bryce Stenson2024Wheatland High School40-2 4
6Isaiah Woyack2024Powell High School39-10.25 3
7Michael Ihnat2023Buffalo High School39-10 1.5
7Zach Ratcliff2022Powell High School39-10 1.5
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Pole Vault

1Connor Micheli2022Mountain View High School15-0 9
1Rodee Brow2022Wheatland High School15-0 9
3Jake Hicks2022Wheatland High School14-0 6
4Carter Bradshaw2024Lyman High School13-7 5
5Keltan Ewing2022Douglas High School13-6 3.5
5Tanner Case2022Mountain View High School13-6 3.5
7Adam Williams2024Powell High School12-0 1.5
7Jeremy Harms2024Powell High School12-0 1.5
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1Quinn Lindsay2022Lovell High School183-3.25 10
2Ryan Baker2023Torrington High School155-0 8
3Sheldon Shoopman2022Powell High School151-8 6
4Tyler Bennick2024Torrington High School149-9 5
5Toran Graham2022Powell High School146-3 4
6Christian Peterson2022Worland High School144-8 3
7Carter Archuleta2025Douglas High School140-4 2
8Tegen Seeds2024Douglas High School134-7 1
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Shot Put

1Quinn Lindsay2022Lovell High School59-6.25 10
2Toran Graham2022Powell High School55-6.75 8
3Sheldon Shoopman2022Powell High School50-0 6
4Christian Peterson2022Worland High School49-6 5
5Tyler Bennick2024Torrington High School48-10 4
6Lane Shramek2022Powell High School47-4.5 3
7Kyle Logar2022Douglas High School46-11 2
8Dane Branson2023Mountain View High School46-1 1