Wyoming Cross Country Tasty Race: Cody Foxes and Hounds

Jv Wave at the Cody Foxes and Hounds

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The Wyoming Cross Country Tasty Race is the Foxes and Hounds race in Cody.
it's an unusual race to begin with runners leaving the start at different times pursuit style. 
The start goes like this
  • Jv runners go of first
  • 20 Seconds later everyones 7's go
  • 20 seconds later everyones 6's go out, 
  • 20 seconds later everyones 5's go out, and so on
  • Awards go to the actual finish order. times are adjusted in results to reflect actual times ran

As if that's not unusual enough, due to rain and thunderstorms the boys and girls went out together.
Check out the starts of this unusual race format