WyoMileSplit's Best Guest State Top 5 (um well 3)

WyoMileSplit's best guess team rankings

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Ok so the first week is usually the hardest but here it goes

Boys #1. Cheyenne Central - With a 39 second 1-5 split and a pretty convincing win at the UWYO race over NC (53 second 1-5) Central looks like the team to beat at this point. Sheridan (33 second 1-5) took the State preview race over NC but Centrals margin was better.

Boys #2.  Sheridan - 33 seconds 1-5 and beat all comers at Wyoming Indian 

Boys #3.  Natrona County - Second to Sheridan at Wyoming Indian 22 points ahead of Laramie


Girls #1.  Cheyenne Central - 1:56 1-5 split. First in their division at Liberty Bell and convincing over NC at UWYO. Cody did beat all comers at the state preview race and with a 1:06 1-5 split does that give them room to get inside Central? 

Girls # 2.  Cody - 1:06 1-5 split. Cody has been able to hold off all comers so far this season. Number 2 on the strength of Central margin over NC. Head to head with Sheridan and NC at Sheridan next Saturday

Girls #3.  Natrona County - 2:03 1-5 split. NC was just short of Cody in Ethete. Should be a battle at the Michelle Ludwig in Sheridan on Saturday


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