The Team Titles---a Quick Look -- 3A Boys

A Quick Look at the 3A Boys team Race

Finish (200 to go) at 3A West in Lander

Star Valley is the clear favorite in the 3A boys team race and is very likely the strongest team in the state. With potentially 5 in the top 10 including, 1st and 2nd.... Kudos to the Braves a very impressive team to watch

Lander - Strong in the second position the Tigers are back to claim their share of state hardware.

Worland - Powell - Cody --- All 3 teams look to be in the mix for 3rd. Cody is stronger 1-2, but Worland looks to have the definite edge at 3-4-5.

Team Scores

1Star Valley High School271+2+6+8+10 (25+30)1:46.4016:20.80
2Lander Valley High School805+7+17+22+29 (37+38)1:25.9017:14.70
3Worland High School13319+23+24+33+34 (39+47)32.0917:50.34
4Powell High School14612+15+20+41+58 (60+82)1:51.3817:51.00
5Cody High School1484+16+27+48+53 (80+83)2:19.8917:43.24