Wow That Was A Fast 1600

Imagine, you're McKay Johns and you run 4:16.77 for 1600 meters to Rank 9th in the nation. Awesome right? Except you got 6th in the race and were third on your own team.

Friday in Salt Lake Casey Clinger(American Fork) lead what you might call a strong 1600 field to a US #1 4:10.57. Teammate Patrick Parker was 2nd in 4:11.33 (US #2), Garek Bielaczyc (East HS Salt Lake) was 3rd in 4:13.07 (US #4,) Logan Mackay (Davis HS) was 4th 4:13.73 (US #5), Brody Smith (Cody WY) finished 5th in 4:15.76 (US #7), and McKaY Johns was 6th in the race 3rd on his team and US #8 with 4:16.77.

Wow that was a fast 1600