Way to Early Team Rankings 4A -- Girls

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100 Meter Dash

1Jenna Goodrich2019Cheyenne Central High School13.14 10
2Maeci Jackson2018Cheyenne Central High School13.25 8
3Kyra Wulff2018Laramie High School13.29 6
4Favour Wanjoku2020Rock Springs High School13.33 5
5Kailey Walker2019Kelly Walsh High School13.42 3.5
5Taylor Rowe2020Kelly Walsh High School13.42 3.5
7Caydince Groth2021Cheyenne South High School13.44 2
8Breonna Beckley2021Natrona County High School13.47 1
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200 Meter Dash

1Selena Cudney2018Rock Springs High School26.23 10
2Samantha White2018Natrona County High School26.72 8
3Jenna Goodrich2019Cheyenne Central High School26.91 6
4Elizabeth Prescott2021Cheyenne Central High School26.93 5
5Kelly Moodry2018Sheridan High School27.40 4
6Caydince Groth2021Cheyenne South High School27.56 3
7Annakaye Pitter0Thunder Basin High School28.14 2
8Rachel King2020Laramie High School28.19 1
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400 Meter Dash

1Kelly Moodry2018Sheridan High School58.85 10
2Elizabeth Prescott2021Cheyenne Central High School1:02.30 8
3Tessa Martino2018Cheyenne Central High School1:02.43 6
4Caydince Groth2021Cheyenne South High School1:02.53 5
5Becky Barbier2018Laramie High School1:03.31 4
6Kyleigh Bingham2019Laramie High School1:03.35 3
7Piper Carroll2019Sheridan High School1:04.38 2
8Madeleine Murphree2018Campbell County High School1:04.52 1
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800 Meter Run

1Abigail Whitman2020Laramie High School2:26.99 10
2Shaunti Longfellow2021Rock Springs High School2:28.19 8
3Breila Fuller2019Evanston High School2:29.90 6
4Reyhan Worley2019Evanston High School2:30.79 5
5Nya Farnsworth2020Kelly Walsh High School2:33.89 4
6Pippin Robison2018Sheridan High School2:34.87 3
7Madyson Willis2020Natrona County High School2:35.59 2
8Bailee Radakovich2018Rock Springs High School2:35.93 1
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1600 Meter Run

1Aubrey Frentheway2018Cheyenne Central High School5:09.82 10
2Claudia Miller2019Cheyenne Central High School5:16.65 8
3Mackenzie Marler2019Cheyenne East High School5:19.50 6
4Abigail Whitman2020Laramie High School5:25.57 5
5Shaunti Longfellow2021Rock Springs High School5:32.65 4
6Hanna Shuler2021Rock Springs High School5:37.97 3
7Pippin Robison2018Sheridan High School5:45.47 2
8Trinity Preston2018Sheridan High School5:48.64 1
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3200 Meter Run

1Aubrey Frentheway2018Cheyenne Central High School10:52.73 10
2Claudia Miller2019Cheyenne Central High School11:33.53 8
3Mackenzie Marler2019Cheyenne East High School11:59.05 6
4Meghan Hanson2020Thunder Basin High School12:40.00 5
5Michaela Gromer2018Kelly Walsh High School12:51.88 4
6Hanna Crockett2020Rock Springs High School12:58.77 3
7Scarlett Sisemore2019Rock Springs High School13:24.94 2
8Natasha Muromcew2021Jackson Hole High School13:36.58 1
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100 Meter Hurdles

1Trae Knez2018Thunder Basin High School16.63 10
2Madison Blaney2020Cheyenne East High School16.71 8
3Piper O'dell2021Sheridan High School17.06 6
4Hannah Taulealea2019Kelly Walsh High School17.55 5
5Ketisa Akambasi2019Laramie High School17.56 4
6Taylen Sewell2019Cheyenne Central High School17.65 3
7Rachel Petersburg2019Sheridan High School17.67 2
8Mariyah Brady2020Green River High School17.69 1
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300 Meter Hurdles

1Emma Brownell2018Cheyenne Central High School49.45 10
2Peyton Bellon2018Thunder Basin High School49.80 8
3Samantha White2018Natrona County High School50.05 6
4Gabby Drube0Thunder Basin High School50.18 5
5Jada Ybarra2018Cheyenne Central High School50.44 4
6Taylen Sewell2019Cheyenne Central High School50.57 3
7Jenae Ramirez2019Rock Springs High School50.86 2
8Emmy Johnson2020Laramie High School51.07 1
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4x100 Meter Relay

1Laramie High School51.83 10
2Kelly Walsh High School52.13 8
3Sheridan High School53.41 6
4Thunder Basin High School53.68 5
5Campbell County High School56.08 4
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4x400 Meter Relay

1Laramie High School4:17.16 10
2Sheridan High School4:23.87 8
3Kelly Walsh High School4:23.91 6
4Evanston High School4:25.16 5
5Cheyenne Central High School4:25.44 4
6Natrona County High School4:27.21 3
7Rock Springs High School4:30.62 2
8Thunder Basin High School4:31.74 1
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Sprint Medley Relay

1Natrona County High School4:38.42 10
2Sheridan High School4:51.17 8
3Rock Springs High School4:57.91 6
4Thunder Basin High School4:59.04 5
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4x800 Meter Relay

1Cheyenne Central High School9:50.66 10
2Kelly Walsh High School10:23.29 8
3Rock Springs High School10:50.70 6
4Thunder Basin High School11:10.59 5
5Natrona County High School11:20.67 4
6Cheyenne South High School11:24.00 3
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Triple Jump

1Favour Wanjoku2020Rock Springs High School36-4.5 10
2Kailey Walker2019Kelly Walsh High School35-11.75 8
3Jenna Goodrich2019Cheyenne Central High School35-8.75 6
4Corin Carruth2020Kelly Walsh High School35-0.5 5
5Hannah Brin2020Laramie High School32-11 4
6Samora Ordahl2018Sheridan High School32-6.5 3
7Brooke Abbott2019Kelly Walsh High School32-2 2
8Breonna Beckley2021Natrona County High School31-11 1
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High Jump

1Erika Wilson2019Green River High School5-2 10
2Addy Turner2020Cheyenne East High School5-0 6.333
2Corin Carruth2020Kelly Walsh High School5-0 6.333
2Kylie Sorenson2019Sheridan High School5-0 6.333
5Emma Jacobsen2021Cheyenne East High School4-10 3
5Josie Fettig2019Sheridan High School4-10 3
5Lily Stiles2020Jackson Hole High School4-10 3
8Kalli Schock2019Thunder Basin High School4-8 0.143
8Lauren Frantz2020Jackson Hole High School4-8 0.143
8Mackenzie Marcovitz2020Natrona County High School4-8 0.143
8Madison Blaney2020Cheyenne East High School4-8 0.143
8Monica Cossitt2018Laramie High School4-8 0.143
8Parker Mooren2020Natrona County High School4-8 0.143
8Piper Barrett2019Cheyenne Central High School4-8 0.143
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Long Jump

1Selena Cudney2018Rock Springs High School17-7.75 10
2Kailey Walker2019Kelly Walsh High School17-5 8
3Ketisa Akambasi2019Laramie High School16-8.5 6
4Favour Wanjoku2020Rock Springs High School16-6.5 5
5Reily Aasen2018Thunder Basin High School15-10 4
6Tierney Robinson2020Kelly Walsh High School15-8.75 3
7Janessa Miller2019Cheyenne Central High School15-8.5 2
8Kyra Wulff2018Laramie High School15-6 1
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Pole Vault

1Kayla Stibley2019Natrona County High School10-6 9
1Kealy Hill2018Thunder Basin High School10-6 9
3Emily Hooge2018Sheridan High School9-6 5.5
3Samora Ordahl2018Sheridan High School9-6 5.5
5Kalea Reisdorfer2021Cheyenne Central High School9-0 3.5
5Katlin Martin2018Natrona County High School9-0 3.5
7Tayler Groll2018Evanston High School8-9 2
8Alicia Thoney2020Sheridan High School8-0 0.333
8Andraya Gallegos2020Cheyenne Central High School8-0 0.333
8Cassi Crossen2020Natrona County High School8-0 0.333
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1Maddison Dedic2018Kelly Walsh High School120-4 10
2Kodi Schmidt2018Natrona County High School120-0 8
3Courtney Smith2019Rock Springs High School119-3 6
4Brixen Mathis2020Rock Springs High School117-0 5
5Emily Quigley2018Rock Springs High School116-3 4
6Kyla Bush2020Cheyenne Central High School113-3 3
7Jordan Christensen2019Sheridan High School112-6 2
8Natasha Young2018Green River High School112-4.5 1
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Shot Put

1Maddison Dedic2018Kelly Walsh High School40-0 10
2Macradee Miller2018Thunder Basin High School36-7.5 8
3Shantell Gladson2018Campbell County High School36-5.75 6
4Kaitlyn Migneault2020Cheyenne Central High School36-3 4.5
4Rebecca Monahan2019Cheyenne South High School36-3 4.5
6Courtney Smith2019Rock Springs High School35-11 3
7Jordan Fink2018Campbell County High School35-6.5 2
8Emily Quigley2018Rock Springs High School35-2 1
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Team Scores

1Cheyenne Central High School132.47
2Rock Springs High School96
3Kelly Walsh High School94.33
4Sheridan High School77.66
5Thunder Basin High School67.14
6Laramie High School65.14
7Natrona County High School56.11
8Cheyenne East High School29.47
9Evanston High School18
10Cheyenne South High School17.5
11Campbell County High School13
12Green River High School12
13Jackson Hole High School4.14