Way to Early Team Rankings 4A -- Boys

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Team Scores at Bottom

100 Meter Dash

1Joey Zook0Kelly Walsh High School11.20 10
2Nico Vite2019Cheyenne Central High School11.52 8
3Adarius Gallon2018Cheyenne Central High School11.53 5.5
3Pete Mead2018Cheyenne East High School11.53 5.5
5Sam Hageman2019Cheyenne East High School11.55 4
6Darius Wiggins0Kelly Walsh High School11.58 3
7Jason Upton2019Laramie High School11.65 2
8Marcos Molina2021Green River High School11.66 1
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200 Meter Dash

1Erick Salcido2019Rock Springs High School22.75 10
2Dakota Merritt2019Cheyenne East High School22.78 8
3Joey Zook0Kelly Walsh High School22.82 6
4Donovan Hoffman2020Thunder Basin High School22.88 5
5Nico Vite2019Cheyenne Central High School22.91 4
6Sam Hageman2019Cheyenne East High School23.16 3
7Carnahan Jaeden2018Rock Springs High School23.26 2
8Wesley Brunelli0Thunder Basin High School23.29 1
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400 Meter Dash

1Damon Longfellow2019Rock Springs High School51.09 10
2Tyler Dahl2018Laramie High School51.24 8
3Tymer Goss2018Sheridan High School52.20 6
4Quincy Wofford2020Thunder Basin High School53.88 5
5Caleb Nathan2018Kelly Walsh High School53.90 4
6Parker Jones2018Rock Springs High School54.18 3
7Tim Miller2021Natrona County High School54.55 2
8Cody Stultz2019Sheridan High School54.64 1
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800 Meter Run

1Connor Lockhorn2018Cheyenne Central High School2:01.02 10
2Coby Goosen2019Cheyenne Central High School2:03.28 8
3Tyrell Halladay2019Evanston High School2:03.63 6
4Parker Jones2018Rock Springs High School2:06.49 5
5Alex Garber2020Sheridan High School2:07.05 4
6Mason Swingholm2020Laramie High School2:08.00 3
7Josh Pierantoni2018Kelly Walsh High School2:09.53 2
8Liam McInroy2018Laramie High School2:10.11 1
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1600 Meter Run

1Shane Henderson2018Cheyenne South High School4:26.28 10
2Philip Henry2018Laramie High School4:37.60 8
3Brian Gonda2018Sheridan High School4:37.70 6
4David Medina2019Rock Springs High School4:37.95 5
5Joshua Martin2018Kelly Walsh High School4:46.58 4
6Mason Henry2020Natrona County High School4:46.65 3
7Mason Swingholm2020Laramie High School4:49.70 2
8Derk Lyford2019Laramie High School4:51.61 1
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3200 Meter Run

1Shane Henderson2018Cheyenne South High School9:36.87 10
2Connor Etzelmiller2020Natrona County High School10:25.74 8
3Josh Pierantoni2018Kelly Walsh High School10:31.20 6
4Joshua Martin2018Kelly Walsh High School10:35.98 5
5Mason Henry2020Natrona County High School10:36.35 4
6Brian Gonda2018Sheridan High School10:38.19 3
7Colter Anderson2019Cheyenne Central High School10:48.11 2
8Kaeston Carothers2018Natrona County High School10:48.69 1
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110 Meter Hurdles

1Caige Mccomb2018Kelly Walsh High School14.47 10
2Hunter Vatne2018Thunder Basin High School15.80 8
3Keaton Westhoff2018Kelly Walsh High School16.28 6
4Tanner Pafford2019Cheyenne Central High School16.38 5
5Keaton Bell2018Cheyenne Central High School16.41 4
6Tyson Edwards2020Thunder Basin High School16.49 3
7Cole Goich2019Rock Springs High School16.59 2
8Alec Riegert2019Sheridan High School16.66 1
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300 Meter Hurdles

1Keaton Westhoff2018Kelly Walsh High School41.71 10
2Erick Salcido2019Rock Springs High School42.09 8
3Alec Riegert2019Sheridan High School42.16 6
4Hunter Groll2018Evanston High School42.18 5
5Jason Upton2019Laramie High School42.32 4
6Blain Dilly2019Cheyenne Central High School43.26 3
7Tyson Edwards2020Thunder Basin High School43.47 2
8Zach Wilcox2020Thunder Basin High School43.59 1
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4x100 Meter Relay

1Kelly Walsh High School43.31 10
2Sheridan High School45.10 8
3Thunder Basin High School45.39 6
4Natrona County High School45.46 5
5Cheyenne South High School47.57 4
6Laramie High School48.92 3
7Campbell County High School51.84 2
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Sprint Medley Relay

1Natrona County High School3:48.13 10
2Rock Springs High School3:48.34 8
3Kelly Walsh High School3:54.34 6
4Thunder Basin High School4:00.27 5
5Green River High School8:49.97 4
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4x400 Meter Relay

1Laramie High School3:32.39 10
2Kelly Walsh High School3:36.14 8
3Cheyenne Central High School3:36.18 6
4Rock Springs High School3:38.28 5
5Natrona County High School3:38.76 4
6Thunder Basin High School3:46.90 3
7Campbell County High School4:10.39 2
8Cheyenne East High School5:22.80 1
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4x800 Meter Relay

1Laramie High School8:16.98 10
2Cheyenne Central High School8:37.39 8
3Rock Springs High School8:38.54 6
4Natrona County High School8:40.46 5
5Kelly Walsh High School9:19.86 4
6Thunder Basin High School9:43.07 3
7Cheyenne South High School10:00.88 2
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Triple Jump

1Sage Coventry2019Kelly Walsh High School43-9.75 10
2Hunter Brown2019Natrona County High School43-5.5 8
3Sam Spiker2019Cheyenne Central High School42-4.75 6
4Jefferson Danso2019Cheyenne East High School42-3 5
5Brett Norvelle2018Natrona County High School42-1.75 4
6Trevita Palepale2018Kelly Walsh High School40-8.75 3
7Haden Lamm2020Cheyenne East High School40-7 2
8Thomas Nolan2019Kelly Walsh High School40-2.75 1
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Long Jump

1Hunter Brown2019Natrona County High School23-3.75 10
2Dakota Merritt2019Cheyenne East High School22-2.5 8
3Adarius Gallon2018Cheyenne Central High School21-9 6
4Emory Yoosook2020Kelly Walsh High School21-1.75 5
5Matt Smith2019Laramie High School20-11.5 4
6Jason Upton2019Laramie High School20-9.5 3
7Pete Mead2018Cheyenne East High School20-6 2
8Brett Norvelle2018Natrona County High School20-3.75 1
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High Jump

1Hunter Brown2019Natrona County High School6-4 10
2Seth Macdonald2018Evanston High School6-2.75 8
3Gus Wright2020Sheridan High School6-2 6
4Brett Norvelle2018Natrona County High School6-0 3.5
4Christian Yeager2018Natrona County High School6-0 3.5
4Pete Mead2018Cheyenne East High School6-0 3.5
4Sage Coventry2019Kelly Walsh High School6-0 3.5
8Favor Okere2020Rock Springs High School5-10 0.333
8Hunter Vatne2018Thunder Basin High School5-10 0.333
8Thomas Nolan2019Kelly Walsh High School5-10 0.333
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Pole Vault

1Christian Rasmussen2019Natrona County High School12-0 8
1Colton Bell2018Cheyenne East High School12-0 8
1Hunter Weickum2020Natrona County High School12-0 8
4Eric Zaft2018Laramie High School11-7 4.5
4Madden Hart2019Jackson Hole High School11-7 4.5
6Garrett Sandoval0Kelly Walsh High School11-6 3
7Vance Madsen2018Rock Springs High School11-3 2
8Cris Periman2019Evanston High School11-1.75 1
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Shot Put

1Ryan Kienzle2019Thunder Basin High School48-1.5 10
2Brendon Gustafson2019Natrona County High School48-0 8
3Scott Uglow2019Cheyenne East High School47-5 6
4Maxwel Myers2018Sheridan High School47-4.5 5
5Frank Crum2018Laramie High School47-0 4
6Chris Brown2018Natrona County High School46-3.25 3
7Nick Boldt2018Green River High School43-3 2
8Joshua Corr2019Natrona County High School42-11 1
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1Maxwel Myers2018Sheridan High School162-2 10
2Ryan Kienzle2019Thunder Basin High School157-7 8
3Zach Geffre2019Rock Springs High School139-3 6
4Brendon Gustafson2019Natrona County High School136-1 5
5Michael Brastrup2018Sheridan High School135-10 4
6Marcus Glick2019Thunder Basin High School133-10 3
7Nick Boldt2018Green River High School133-0 2
8Chris Brown2018Natrona County High School130-3 1
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Team Scores

1Kelly Walsh High School119.83
2Natrona County High School116
3Cheyenne Central High School75.5
4Rock Springs High School72.33
5Laramie High School67.5
6Thunder Basin High School63.33
7Sheridan High School60
8Cheyenne East High School56
9Cheyenne South High School26
10Evanston High School20
11Green River High School9
12Jackson Hole High School4.5
13Campbell County High School4